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Bluetooth electronic jump rope counting PCBA scheme
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Bluetooth electronic jump rope counting PCBA scheme

Bluetooth electronic jump rope counting PCBA scheme

The counting rope is mainly composed of three parts, namely the main handle, the secondary handle and the rope. The main handle has its own LED/LCD display screen, which can display the skipping mode, skipping duration and skipping times in real time. The following is a Bluetooth electronic rope counting scheme developed by kinhford Electronic Technology Co., LTD. :

One, Bluetooth electronic rope counting PCBA hardware composition

Bluetooth electronic rope counting PCBA is mainly composed of control module, sensor module, display module, wireless transmission module, storage module, power supply module and circuit board.

Two, Bluetooth electronic rope counting scheme features and functions26 (1)

1, double button control, power button, count key

2, LED/LCD screen display, real-time record rope skipping data

3, USB charging, long use time, safe

4, with high speed bearings, accurate counting

5. Data analysis. After the exercise, rope jumpers can check their exercise data through the APP.

The sensor is a three-axis acceleration sensor. The data is input to a high-precision single-chip microcomputer, and the data is processed analyzingly through the control program of the single-chip microcomputer. When the data of the sensor meets the requirements, the single-chip microcomputer counts the data and displays it on the LCD/LED display. 1, make full use of double panel double panel of each pad can be used as a hole, flexible realization of positive and negative electrical connection.

2, choose the right welding temperature

The welding temperature of electric soldering iron is too high or too low, it is easy to cause poor welding.

3. Welding components follow the principle from small to large

The components should be welded small first, then large.

4. Pay attention to reverse polarity

Like some capacitors, resistors, diodes and triodes, are polar direction, in the welding to avoid the reverse connection.

5. Make the most of the space on the board

If it is a development board, you can hide the holes and small components under the larger chip, but this is generally not recommended because it is difficult to fix problems during subsequent maintenance and inspection.

6, tin is not easy to too much

When welding, we should ensure that there is tin around the solder joint to prevent virtual welding, but it is not the more tin the better, when the solder joint tin cone layer is the best. When welding the circuit board, it is also necessary to pay attention to ventilation. You can choose to equip an extraction fan to prevent the gas generated during welding from being inhaled into the human body and causing harm to the human body.

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