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Why is SMT SMT processing so popular
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Why is SMT SMT processing so popular

In today's electronic processing industry, SMT patch processing technology has always been one of the important production and processing technology of electronic processing plant, so why SMT patch processing technology is so popular in the electronic processing industry?

1. Small size and high assembly density of electronic products.

The volume of chip components used in SMT patch processing is only about 10% of the volume of traditional plug-in components, while the volume of chip components used in SMT patch processing is only about 10% of the volume of traditional plug-in components.

Two, high reliability, strong vibration resistance.

Chip components have the advantages of high reliability, small size, light weight, strong vibration resistance, automatic production, high reliability installation, low solder joint rate.

Why is SMT SMT so popular?

Three, high frequency characteristics, reliable performance.

Because chip components are securely installed and usually have no leads or short leads, the effect of parasitic inductance and capacitance is reduced, the high frequency characteristics of the circuit are improved, and electromagnetic and RF interference is reduced.

Fourth, improve productivity and realize automated production.

The automatic SMT machine (SM421/SM411) used in SMT patch processing uses a vacuum nozzle to place components. The vacuum nozzle is smaller than the component shape, which can effectively improve the mounting density. In fact, in order to achieve full line automatic production, automatic SMT machines produce small components and fine distance QFP equipment.

Five, reduce costs, reduce costs.

1. The use area of the printed board is reduced, the area is 1/12 of that of the through hole technology. If CSP is used for installation, the area will also be greatly reduced;

2. Reduce the number of drilling holes for printed boards to save rework costs;

3. Reduced circuit debugging cost due to the increase of frequency characteristics;

4. Due to the small size and light weight of chip components, it reduces the cost of packaging, transportation and storage;

PCBA board

2. What are the misunderstandings when choosing SMT OEM?

In view of the importance of outsourcing in the electronics manufacturing industry, especially pcba processing, the selection of suitable smt patch processing enterprises has become an important factor in determining the success or failure of products. However, there are misunderstandings in the selection of PCBA electronic contract manufacturers. Expose these misunderstandings, the following SMT foundry gold and special small make up for you to introduce the five misunderstandings in the selection of SMT foundry:

Myth # 1: Technical competence is the only requirement of an electronic contract manufacturer.

While technical competence is clearly important when selecting an electronics contract manufacturer, it is clearly not the only factor. A lot of people make this mistake because they ignore other business factors when making decisions. It is important to remember that cooperation with manufacturers is a complex commercial relationship, not just a technical one.

Myth # 2: A good presentation equals a good foundry.

Let's face it, an impressive display may be a function of a manufacturer's superior sales and marketing skills. When you use the presentation as a metric, you can also judge the other capabilities of the SMT patch processing contract manufacturer, namely its business expertise. Before making any decision, you must also do a reliable reference check. Operating power does not represent its true processing power.

Myth # 3: Big companies charge low margin for appreciation.

Likewise, while this statement may sometimes be true, it is not a universal premise. That is because although the big electronics contract manufacturers can get big discounts on demand for raw materials, the same may not be true. Therefore, large SMT patch processing plant is not necessarily low price, small factory price is not necessarily high.

Myth # 4: If a manufacturer has a good vertically integrated model, it can offer low prices.

It doesn't always have to be this way. Some contract electronics manufacturers can do this, others don't necessarily have the strength to do so. Supply chain instability is always present, but a factory that can implement a vertically integrated model is likely to be stronger than others and offer competitive prices.

Myth # 5: Electronics contract manufacturers shouldn't work for my competitors.

Your fears may be unfounded. If the electronic contract manufacturer is compatible with your entire project and works with your competitor, the cooperation between the two parties will not be affected. The occupational contract manufacturer must be fully aware of the confidentiality of the PCB production process. It is also the confidentiality necessary for long-term suppliers.

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