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pcb multilayer board and double-sided pcb board these differences you know
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pcb multilayer board and double-sided pcb board these differences you know

As electronic products have higher and higher requirements for functions, the structure of pcb circuit boards is also becoming more and more complex, from single layer to double layer and then to multi-layer, gradually "evolution". Today Xiaobian to share with you the difference between pcb multilayer board and double-sided pcb board!

Multilayer board is a kind of printed circuit board composed of alternating conductive graphic layer and insulating material laminated. The number of conductance graphic layers is more than three layers, and the electrical interconnection is realized through metallized holes between layers. If a double panel for the inner layer, two single panels for the outer layer, or two double panels for the inner layer, two single panels for the outer layer laminated, and connected with conductive graphics, can be made of four layers, six layers of printed circuit boards, also known as multilayer multilayer circuit boards.

The production process is to blacken the inner plate graphics first, add the semi-cured layer for lamination according to the predetermined design, then add a piece of copper foil on the upper and lower surfaces, and send it to the press for heating and pressurizing to get the "double-sided copper clad plate" which has been made into the inner plate, and then carry out CNC drilling according to the pre-designed positioning system. After drilling, the hole wall should be pitted and contaminated, and then the process of plating printed circuit boards on both sides should be processed.

The main difference between multilaminates and the two-panel production process is the addition of several unique process steps: inner imaging and blackening, laminating, sagging, and de-drilling contamination. The same processing process, in the process parameters, equipment accuracy and complexity, there are also some differences. For example, the quality requirements of multi-layer plate hole wall are higher, and the quality requirements of double-layer plate hole wall are higher. In addition, the number of layers drilled at a time, the rate and feed rate of drilling, and the difference between the two layers. The inspection of finished products and semi-finished products is stricter and more complex than that of double panels.

The above is the difference between multilayer pcb board and double-sided pcb board, how much do you know about these two boards?

Overview of printed circuit board market in China

1. Market size

Benefiting from the global PCB production capacity transfer to China and the influence of the downstream booming electronic terminal product manufacturing, China's PCB industry as a whole presents a rapid development trend. In 2006, the output value of China's PCB exceeded Japan, and China became the world's largest PCB manufacturing base. Stimulated by strong demand growth in downstream sectors such as communications electronics, computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical instruments, national defense and aerospace, the growth rate of Chinese PCB industry is significantly higher than that of the global PCB industry in recent years. In 2018, the output value of China's PCB industry reached $32.702 billion, up by 10.0 percent year-on-year.


2. Product structure segmentation

According to Prismark statistics, in 2018, the market size of rigid plate was the largest in China, with multi-layer plate accounting for 45.9% and single and double panel accounting for 6.6%. Followed by HDI board, accounting for 16.6%; Flexible plate accounted for 16.3%. Compared with advanced PCB manufacturing countries such as Japan, the high-end printed circuit board in our country is still low, especially the packaging base board and just scratched combined board aspects.

Downstream application field

The downstream PCB application market in China is widely distributed. According to WECC statistics, in 2017, the largest PCB application market in China was communication. Benefiting from the booming development of smart phones and mobile Internet, the market share remained relatively high, accounting for 30%. Computers followed with 26% of the market. With a market share of 15%, automotive electronics will become a new opportunity for PCB application market development with the development of intelligent vehicle management systems and automotive multimedia interaction systems.

The development of downstream industry is the driving force for the growth of PCB industry. With the innovation and development of electronic terminal products, new electronic products continue to appear. Compared with the previous situation of over-reliance on a few types of electronic products, the development of PCB industry has become more stable.

4. Leading enterprises

In terms of the domestic market, there were about 1,300 PCB enterprises in China in 2017, mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim region, forming a multi-party competition pattern of Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, Japanese and domestic enterprises. Among them, foreign enterprises generally have large investment scale, production technology and professional products have certain advantages; The number of domestic enterprises is large, the industrial concentration is low, and there is still a gap in scale and technical level compared with foreign investment.

According to the China Printed Circuit Industry Ranking table published by CPCA, the major domestic PCB manufacturers in 2018 are listed as follows:

Large scale, top ranking PCB enterprises mainly produce large batch board, PCB enterprises positioned in small batch board are relatively few, in addition to the company, the domestic production of small batch board representative enterprises mainly Chongda technology, Xing Sen Technology, Mingyang electric Road, etc.

The above data and analysis are from the "China printed circuit board Manufacturing Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis Report".

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