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What are the SMT patch production line equipment
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What are the SMT patch production line equipment

There are many equipments on the SMT line, and different equipments need to be placed on different production lines. Semi-automatic SMT line needs semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, patch machine, docking station and reflow welding. Automatic SMT production line needs automatic loading machine, automatic paste printing machine, SMT machine, reflow welding, connection platform and other common equipment, than the semi-automatic SMT production also more AOI testing equipment, automatic plate off machine, and some auxiliary steel mesh, tin furnace, heating furnace, electric soldering iron, cleaning equipment and so on.

Today we will briefly introduce the common equipment on the SMT production line.

1. Solder paste printing machine

The solder paste press is located at the front of the SMT line and is used to print solder paste or adhesive. It correctly leaks solder paste or patch adhesive onto the pad or corresponding position of the printed board to prepare for the installation of components. Printing presses for SMT are broadly divided into three types: manual presses, semi-automatic presses and fully automatic presses.

2. Pasting machine

The SMT machine, also known as the SMT machine, is located behind the printing press in the SMT line. Its function is to remove the surface mount components from the package and install them accurately to the fixed position of the printed circuit board. SMT assembly function and production capacity mainly depend on the function and speed of SMT assembly.

SMT mounting machine is the most sophisticated and expensive equipment in SMT production line. Automatic attaching machine is a set of precision machinery, electric, pneumatic, optical, computer, sensor technology as one of the high speed, high precision, highly automated, highly intelligent equipment. In SMT production line, the configuration of the mounting machine shall be determined according to the type and output of the products produced.

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3. Reflow welder

Reflow welder, also called reflow welder, is located behind the SMT machine in the SMT line. Its function is to provide a heating environment for melting the solder paste pre-allocated to the printed board pad, so that the surface mount component and PCB pad can be reliably bonded together by the paste alloy.

Reflow welding operation method is simple, high efficiency, good quality, good consistency, saving solder, is a suitable for automatic production of electronic products assembly technology, has become the mainstream of SMT circuit board assembly technology.

4. Wave welding machine

Wave crest welder is a welding equipment that realizes group welding when the wave crest of molten solder circulates and contacts with PCB welding surface equipped with components at a certain speed for relative motion. It is mainly used in traditional through-hole PCB assembly process and mixed process of surface assembly and through-hole plug-in components. Compared with manual welding, wave soldering has the advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality and high reliability.

5. Test the device

The function of the testing equipment is to test the assembly quality and welding quality of the mounted PCB board. The equipment used includes magnifying glass, microscope, automatic optical detector (AOI), online tester (ICT), X-RAY testing system, function tester, etc. According to the need of detection, its installation position is behind the corresponding station in the production line.

6. Repair the equipment

The function of the repair equipment is to rework and repair the PCB that fails to detect. The tools used are soldering iron, repair workstation, etc.

7. Clean the device

The role of the cleaning equipment is to remove the substances that affect the electrical properties or the welding residues that are harmful to human body, such as flux, on the mounted PCB circuit board. If the use of no-clean solder, generally can not clean. The cleaning equipment is ultrasonic cleaning machine and special cleaning liquid, the installation position is not fixed, can be online or not online.

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