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The harm of waste circuit board and how to recycle circuit board
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The harm of waste circuit board and how to recycle circuit board

Cause of waste circuit board

In the current electronic age, intelligent appliances are completely filled with our life. Every intelligent electrical appliance or non-intelligent electrical appliance is controlled by the circuit board, and every circuit board will have its own life, that is, the scrap period, and some electrical appliances are met with external influence, directly into waste electrical appliances, and can not work. This directly leads to the generation of waste circuit boards.

Hazard of circuit board

In the world, there are billions of circuit boards delivered by PCB manufacturers every day. In daily life, there are probably hundreds of millions of tons of waste circuit boards piled up. Once the accumulation of circuit boards occurs, it will do harm to our ecological environment and human health over time. No matter which circuit board will produce organic pollution to society. In addition, the electronic components on PCB board will also be polluted. The main pollution is metal pollution, especially heavy metals such as tin, lead and cadmium, which directly harm human health.

Professionally speaking, waste printed circuit board is a mixture of glass fiber reinforced resin and a variety of metals, which is a typical electronic waste. If not properly treated and disposed, it will not only cause a large amount of useful resources loss, but also contain a large number of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances such as cadmium and brominated flame retardants, which will cause serious harm to the environment and human health.

PCB board

Current situation and development trend of circuit board recycling

At present, waste iron recovery and treatment methods generally use direct burial method, incineration method, water washing and cracking methods, but there are toxic substances release, easy to cause air or soil and other environmental serious secondary pollution, the national environmental policy is not allowed to do so or limit these treatment modes. Internationally, the best way to recycle waste circuit boards is the physical method, which is characterized by low environmental pollution, high comprehensive utilization rate, high added value and other advantages. It is the development trend of electronic waste treatment in the future. The disadvantage is that the disposal cost is slightly higher than incineration or washing. Because the scrap circuit board toughness is larger, mostly flat, it is difficult to make metal and non-metal separation through a crushing, and it contains more kinds of substances, separation and decomposition process is complex, these characteristics determine the recovery of scrap circuit board has a certain difficulty.

In electronic waste, although it is difficult to recycle the circuit board, it has quite high economic value. The metal taste in the circuit board is equivalent to the metal grade of ordinary minerals in dozens of times to one hundred times, the content of metal as high as 40%, the most is copper, in addition to gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon and other gold Qu, there is no lack of rare metals, and the rich metal content in nature is usually only 3-5%. In addition, the non-metallic residue of the circuit board can be used as building materials. At the same time, the solder and plastic on the waste circuit board are also important resources that can be recycled.

Therefore, the establishment of more and more PCB circuit board recycling plants, to provide a large number of waste circuit boards to the final place, but also to better protect the environment and their own health.

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