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Precautions for urgent proofing of PCB circuit board
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Precautions for urgent proofing of PCB circuit board

The 21st century is the era of the Internet. ElectronIC technology is the cornerstone of the development of the Internet. It is also the golden age of scientific and technological development. The technical requirements brought about by advanced design and construction put a heavy pressure on the basic equipment budget of new PCB companies entering the MARKet. We know that a complete electronic product is formed through layers of processing. So what is the importance of PCB circuit board urgent proofing?

1: Quality

Buyers in the selection of circuit board companies, special attention is the quality of the circuit board. PCB board selection, the use of ink, equipment and staff rigor will affect the final quality of the circuit board. The designed circuit board needs to be produced by the circuit board production company. From the first process of circuit board production to the last process of quality inspection, each process of PCB board urgent proofing must be produced in accordance with strict production technology, and each process must be equipped with corresponding testing and testing equipment. These process parameters and equipment can ensure the stability of PCB quality.

2. Delivery date

Nowadays, most purchasing friends have experienced such a situation: the PCB board proofing delivery date promised by the circuit board company is delayed again and again, and there are various reasons to delay the delivery date. Many customers want to make PCB allegro, and the process of expedited PCB proofing is very tedious. If the manufacturer fails to carry out strict management and control from the order to the completion of production, its production efficiency is likely to be low. On the contrary, PCB enterprises only carry out strict process management in the production process, in order to greatly improve the production efficiency and ensure the delivery speed.

PCB board

 3: Price

Purchasing friends are also concerned about the price of pcb board proofing to some extent. In the circuit board industry, the price varies, and purchasing friends cannot determine whether the high price is equal to the high quality. Conventional factors affecting the price of circuit board are layer number, board thickness, material, order quantity, surface treatment process, copper foil thickness, ink color, line width line distance, minimum aperture, delivery time, etc. Due to the PCB board material, production process, difficulty, customer demand, region, payment method, manufacturers and other factors cause the PCB board manufacturing process cost is different, in addition, PCB buyers should pay attention to one point, when choosing the PCB board manufacturing company, can not only from the point of view of price. But to compare the strength of the circuit board limited company, the approximate product quotation, as well as service projects and so on.

4. Proofing process

Because PCB board proofing can also take a variety of different processes to carry out, so in addition to pay attention to find a professional circuit board proofing manufacturers, but also pay special attention to the approval of the manufacturer is used by the proofing process, to ensure that the manufacturers take the process configuration can meet the requirements of the enterprise circuit board design and manufacturing requirements, in addition to be able to fly needle testing after proofing.

The above is the PCB board urgent proofing special attention to a few points, in addition to the enterprise should pay attention to the PCB proofing and proofing manufacturers engineers and operators of good communication, and in the delivery of proofing data carefully check the relevant documents, do not because of some minor negligence caused by proofing failure or poor effect.

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