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Is there poison in the soldering iron solder in PCBA processing?
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Is there poison in the soldering iron solder in PCBA processing?

Some people say that he used electric soldering iron to solder in PCB factory for a year, all feel the body began to feel uncomfortable, abdomen a little distended, is the solder toxic? Is it lead poisoning?

In fact, this also depends on the work with soldering iron soldering wire or lead free, and the need to check the blood lead regularly, there will be no problem without exceeding the standard.

Normally speaking, if the protection and raw material procurement in accordance with national standards, soldering will not cause significant harm. Now it's basically lead-free products.

Lead is a toxic substance. Excessive intake of lead can cause lead poisoning, and low intake may affect a person's intelligence, nervous system and reproductive system.

The alloy of tin and lead is the commonly used solder. It has good electrical conductivity of the metal and low solubility point, so it has been used for welding process for a long time. Most of its toxicity comes from lead. Lead smoke from soldering can easily lead to lead poisoning.

Metallic lead may produce lead compounds, all of which are classified as hazardous substances. In humans, lead can affect the central nervous system and kidneys.

The environmental toxicity of lead to some organisms has been generally established. Sensitive biochemical effects can occur at blood lead concentrations above 10μg/dl, and clinical lead poisoning can result from long-term exposure to blood lead concentrations above 60 to 70μg/dl.

Lead is certainly toxic, let alone the impact of solder on the body is not big, is the general metal, more will be poisoned, when soldering, there will be smoke, which contains a harmful element to the body.

When working, it is best to wear a mask, but more or less will have a little impact, of course, if you can use lead-free solder wire, it will be safer than lead.

Is lead-free solder toxic?

 printed circuit board

The material for soldering tin with electric iron is soldering wire. Although the main component is tin, it also contains other metals. Mainly divided into lead and lead - free (i.e. environmentally friendly). With the introduction of the European Union ROHS standard, now more and more PCB board welding factories choose lead-free environmental protection, lead solder wire is slowly being used instead of environmental protection. Lead-free tin paste, lead-free tin wire and lead-free tin strip are the main products on the market.

Simply put: the general use of solder because of low melting point, lead 60%, tin about 40%, so solder itself is toxic. Most of the solder on the market is hollow, with rosin, so the gas you said is estimated to be volatile when the rosin in the solder melts during welding.

The gas that comes out of the rosin is also slightly toxic, it's kind of smelly. The main hazard factor of solder in welding is lead smoke, even if it is lead-free solder, which contains some lead.

Lead smoke in GBZ2-2002 limit is very low, very toxic, need to focus on protection. Due to the damage of welding process to human body and the environment, in Europe, the protection of welding workers and the protection of the environment has been enforced in the form of legislation, welding is not allowed in the absence of protective measures. In the ISO14000 standard for the production of pollution treatment and protection have clear provisions.

Tin contains lead. Previously, there was lead in the solder wire, which classified solder as an occupational hazard position (in the national Occupational disease catalogue). Now our general enterprises are using lead-free solder wire, the main component is tin, the center for Disease Control and Prevention is measuring tin dioxide; It is not listed in the national list of occupational diseases.

Lead-free process (leadfree) generally speaking, lead smoke will not exceed the standard, but there are other hazards of solder, such as flux (rosin substances) have certain hazards, depending on the specific situation to see. At ordinary times, employees can check the label and category of the tin issued, so that they can have a basis for reference and request the enterprise to rectify (they can give advice to the factory's internal labor union).

If the tin is leaded, it must be harmful to health. Over time, they accumulate in the body and do great damage to the nervous system immune system.

Lead-free solder wire is environmentally friendly, but lead-free solder wire is also harmful to human health. The low lead content of lead-free solder wire is not lead-free. Compared with lead-free solder wire, lead-free solder wire is less polluting to the environment and human body than lead-free solder wire. The gas produced when soldering is toxic, there are pine oil, zinc chloride and other gas vapor.

How to prevent toxic electric iron solder wire?

First of all,printed circuit board factories should use ROHS tin wire when welding components with electric soldering iron, and do a good job of prevention:

For example, wear gloves, masks or gas masks, pay attention to ventilation in the workplace, exhaust system is good, pay attention to cleaning after work, and drinking milk can also prevent the toxicity of lead in solder.

1, to rest for a period of time, generally 1 hour to rest for about 15 minutes, to alleviate fatigue, because fatigue when the resistance is the worst.

2, less smoking and more water in the daytime can eliminate most of the absorption of harmful substances.

3. Drinking mung bean soup or honey water before going to bed can reduce fire to help the mood and mung bean and honey can eliminate the absorption of a lot of lead and radiation.

4, can make the soldering iron brighter, try to use PPD welding head, so that the temperature can be less welding oil and rosin, reduce the harm to the body,

5, welding oil soldering smoke as far as possible head to the side of the brush day when the water should also head to the side of the point as far as possible to hold your breath.

6, use alcohol, brush more with alcohol for a while the effect is similar.

7. Wash your hands after welding.

8, take a bath before going to bed as early as possible to go to bed and get up early to ensure adequate sleep, as long as you sleep well, the impurities can basically be discharged with the body.

9. Wear a mask at work.

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