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60K multi-PIN power communication board PCB design case
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60K multi-PIN power communication board PCB design case

Solfort Technology has successfully completed the PCB design of a multi - pin communication board. The technical parameters of the board are more than 60K pins, and the layout space of the board is compact. The client requires that PCB deSIgn, si simulation and PCB manufacturing be completed within 2 months. Before the final determination of the client's schematic diagram, PCB design has begun, which is equivalent to reviewing the schematic diagram, modifying the scheme for design, and si simulation at the same time. There are many types of power supply with small voltage and large current on the board.


Interface type :SFP+, Interlaken, QPI, PCIE3, DDR4, and DDR3 signals

Standards :SFF 8431, QPI 3.0, PCIe 3.0, Jesd79-4, Jesd79-3e, etc


1.pcie 3.0-8 Gbps;

2.pcie 2.0-5 Gbps;

3.QPI-8 gigabit/s;

4.DDR 4-2133 Mbps;

5.DMI-5 Gbps;

6. Interlaken -12.5 Gbps/10.3125 Gbps;

7.DDR 3-1600 Mbps;

8. serdes-10.3125 Gbps;


Simulation description:

The project layout is relatively dense, with many types of power sources and high signal speed. The highest signal rate is 12.5G, which requires the PCB wiring level to be planned in place and signal quality to be guaranteed. After SI simulation was confirmed, TU872SLK-sp with relatively small dielectric constant was finally used to design PCB with high speed signal. Power channel needs overall planning, large current power supply to ensure sufficient current plane, and ultimately meet customer design requirements.


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