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pcb single layer board how much money one side
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pcb single layer board how much money one side

PCB single layer board, as the name implies is the wire on one side, plug-in parts on the other side. PCB single-layer board was widely used in various industries in the early days, but because pcb single-layer board has high requirements on wiring, each line must have a separate path, can not cross; For wiring PCB board, stability is not enough, performance is also missing, began to gradually develop to double panel. But single-layer panels are still an integral part of the electronICs industry.


pcb single layer board how much money one side

To know the price of pcb single-layer board, first of all, we need to know its material classification, which can be divided into 94HB, 94VO, CIM-1, CIM-3, 22F, FR4 and so on. The thickness of these boards can be divided into 0.6-1.6, and the thickness of copper can be divided into half A, 1 A, or even 2 A. These are all related to price.


pcb single layer board which good


A single layer plate, sometimes calLED a single panel, has elements on one side and a conductor pattern on the other. PCB single-layer board is the most basic PCB industry, single-layer board as the name suggests is the wire on one side, plug-in parts on the other side. They have only one layer of conductive material, usually copper. The monolayer consists of a base layer, a conductive metal layer, and then a protective welded mask and screen. You can find single panels in many SIMpler Electronic devices.


pcb single layer board which good

1. Look at the production cycle

The main purpose of pcb single-layer board proofing is to test the performance of the circuit board. If it is not perfect in some aspects, it can be modified and improved. Therefore, the user should choose a circuit board proofing manufacturers with short proofing cycle and high efficiency, so that the samples can be produced in a short time for later adjustment. Now there are many manufacturers to provide urgent services.


2, depending on the degree of professionalism

High degree of professionalism, not only means that it has professional production equipment and production team, but also high quality of product proofing, raw materials and printing process and other aspects have a high degree of quality assurance, users can safely and rest assured to enjoy professional services.


3. Look at the after-sales service

What if there is a quality problem? What about wrong delivery, missing delivery and missing count? If you find the problem after work in the evening or during the weekend break, can you contact the supplier? Can the after-sales service staff help you solve it in the first time? Therefore, users should pay attention to the after-sales service attitude of circuit board manufacturers, after-sales ability, try to choose a perfect after-sales, strong security partners, so that problems can be solved in time after delivery.


4. Service advantage

Like many professional circuit board proofing manufacturers, there will be professional one-to-one service, quickly respond to your needs and problems, from the board processing production process control of quality professional services more easily for you to solve the technical and technological problems.


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pcb single panel how much is one square meter

In the current physical processing industry is more and more difficult, the price of the product has become most business owners and procurement are more concerned about the issue, the electronic industry PCB is the same, but some business owners do not understand how much pcb single panel per square meter, the following Xiaobian to say in detail.


pcb single panel how much is one square meter

First of all, we want to know the price. It is necessary to know clearly the process of the board and what aspects have been affecting the price of pcb single panel.


1. Different plates cause different quotations

To plate FR4 as an example, general life benefit, Jian Tao, Guo Ji three, the price is not the same; Plate thicknesses range from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, and copper thicknesses from 0.5oz to 3oz, all of which create huge price differences; In terms of solder resistance ink, ordinary thermosetting oil and photosensitive green oil also have a price difference.


2. Different surface treatment processes lead to different quotations

Common are: OSP(antioxidant), lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin (environmental protection), gold plating, gold sinking, etc., the price of these processes is more expensive.


3, the difficulty of the circuit board itself caused by different prices

For example, there are 1000 holes on both circuit boards. If the aperture of one board is greater than 0.2mm, and the aperture of the other board is less than 0.2mm, different drilling costs will be generated. If the others are the same, but the line width and line distance are different, one is greater than 4mil and the other is less than 4mil, it will also cause different production costs. In addition, there are some special processes are also charged money, such as half hole, buried blind hole, plate hole, etc.


4. Different copper foil thickness causes different prices

Common copper platinum thickness: 18um(1/2OZ), 35um(1OZ), 70um(2OZ), 105um(3OZ), 140um(4OZ), etc.; The thicker the copper foil, the more expensive it is.


5. Customer's quality acceptance standard

Commonly used are: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard and so on, the higher the standard, the higher the price will be.


6. Mold fee and test rack

1. Mold cost: The template is required to open the mold and punch the plate when doing a large quantity, so that there is a set of mold cost.

2, test fee: the sample is generally used to fly needle test, batch to open the test rack to test, need to charge the corresponding test fee;

7. Quantity and delivery time will also affect the price

The SMAller the quantity, the more expensive the price; The shorter the delivery time, beyond the normal production schedule, need to pay extra urgent fee.

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