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Patch nozzle type and patch market witness
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Patch nozzle type and patch market witness

Patch nozzle type and patch market witness
SMT tip nozzle type
1. SMT tip nozzle is divided into low pressure nozzle, medium pressure nozzle and high pressure nozzle according to the working pressure. SMT low pressure nozzle refers to the nozzle with working pressure less than 200kPa, and SMT medium pressure nozzle refers to the nozzle with working pressure between 200 and 500kPq and working pressure greater than 500kPa, which is called high pressure nozzle. SMT chip high-pressure nozzle is rarely used. Most use medium pressure nozzles, which are usually used to irrigate field crops. Low pressure nozzles are usually used in urban nurseries, young vegetables or plants and flowers.
2. According to the flow pipeline of spray water, it is divided into refraction type, slit type, centrifugal type, rocker type, impeller type and reaction type.
Characteristics of dispersed water type: low pressure, good atomization, simple structure, low price and high spray intensity.
SMT chip jet characteristics: long range, low spraying intensity, reliable operation.
At present, the most commonly used nozzles for SMT patches in China are ZY nozzle, PY nozzle, PYS nozzle, etc. Imported patch microphones include American Rain Bird and Israeli Leo. At present, the quality of domestic SMD sprinklers has reached a high level, and the price is significantly lower than that of imported sprinklers. Generally, household sprinklers should be used. If the funds are sufficient, the inlet nozzle can also be selected.
Circuit board


The cigarette holder is made of copper. Aluminum alloys and engineering plastics are divided into three categories. China has finalized and produced four series of rocker metal nozzles: PY1, PY2, Zhongjet-1 and Zhongjet-2.
SMT chip market will grow significantly in 2026
The latest research report of the SMT patch market has identified and evaluated all important aspects, such as key drivers and barriers that affect the industry growth model, to guide stakeholders to make correct decisions for the future. In addition, it also compares the past and current business scenarios to verify the forecast mentioned in the file. In addition, the study details several market segments and reveals outstanding areas that are expected to achieve considerable profits in the coming years.
According to analysts, the SMT patch market is expected to obtain considerable returns during the 20XX-20XX period, with a compound annual growth rate of XX percent
Further, the research literature clarifies the impact of the 2019 coronavirus pandemic on the market, emphasizing the obstacles faced by organizations, including digital operations, cost management, and changes in supply chain requirements It also proposes ways to ensure growth trajectory in the coming years
Important tips in SMT patch market report:
The current situation of coronavirus disease in 2019 and its impact on the industry salary range
Estimation of market and sub market growth rate
Vertical trend
Profit prospects
Advantages and disadvantages of indirect and direct sales channels
Major traders, suppliers and distributors
Segmentation covered by SMT patch market report:
Regional branches: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia
Review the business prospects of each regional market at the national level
Total sales and revenue by sector
Industry share of major regional contributors
Forecast the growth rate of each regional market in the expected time range
Product type: typesetting, inspection, welding, screen printing, cleaning, repair, rework, etc
Revenue, market share and sales of each product area
Pricing model for each product type
Applications: consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace and national defense
Cumulative revenue and sales per application area
Applicable scope of SMT product pricing reference

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