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China will become a global SMT manufacturing center
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China will become a global SMT manufacturing center

China will become a global SMT manufacturing center
The global electronic manufacturing industry is entering a period of intensive innovation and rapid development of emerging companies As the basic engineering and core component of electronic components, surface mount technology and electronic information technology are maintaining a synchronized development trend in the electronic information industry The role of media is becoming more and more prominent, and its position is becoming more and more important The shrinking volume of electronic products forces the continuous improvement of product quality From August 30 to September 1, the 22nd South China International Electronics Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON South China 2016) will officially kick off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in order to better grasp the international leading position in SMT manufacturing and fully demonstrate the manufacturing level of the domestic SMT industry NEPCON exhibition has been related to SMT surface mount technology for nearly 30 years, and the SMT area of each NEPCON exhibition will become an important network support and technical support
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Surface mount technology and electronic information technology have maintained a trend of multimedia development. Their role in the electronic information industry is becoming increasingly prominent and important Facing the rapid development of SMT processing industry, its market demand will rise sharply The existing domestic component output, variety and output are far from meeting the market demand Forecasts from foreign institutions show that China's transistor market demand will rise from 13 billion US dollars in 2001 to 34 billion US dollars in 2005 Market demand will promote the process of China's parts industrialization
As one of SMT (Surface Mount System) mounters, LED mounters are SMT mounters specially designed for the LED industry, which are used to realize large-scale LED circuit board assembly, including display screens., Soft and hard light bars, light bars, etc., are devices that accurately place surface mounted components on PCB pads by moving placement heads. It is used to realize high-speed and high-precision placement of components, and is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire SMT production. With the development of LED technology, the traditional SMT can no longer meet the production needs of the LED industry, and LED SMT came into being.
China has become the country with the largest number of mounters in the world
Although China's SMT technology started late, only 20 years have passed since the early 1980s, we have experienced the initial stage of theoretical exploration and batch testing, and entered into in-depth research and batch production while introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technologies. New stage of production and application.
After more than 20 years of development, China's annual demand for mounters has increased by 15-20%. In terms of the number of mounters, China has become the country with the largest number of mounters in the world and the largest and most important market of mounters in the world. It is estimated that in the field of LED dedicated mounters, the market capacity will exceed 1000 in 2014. In 2016, the demand for domestic mounters increased by about 3000, including about 1300 LED mounters. In addition, considering the significant growth of the LED lamps and LED display screen market, the market capacity of the LED dedicated chip market will reach 319 million yuan in 2017, and the compound growth rate of the LED dedicated chip machine market will be close to 30% in the next three years.
It can be seen that China's SMT era is coming, China is becoming the global SMT manufacturing center, and China's LED mounters are expected to develop rapidly. During this period, we have both opportunities and more challenges.
China's professional LED chip mounter equipment manufacturers are rising
The placement machine is the most critical equipment in the placement production line, with the highest technology and stability requirements For more than 10 years, Chinese companies are still in the exploration stage and prototype trial production stage, and have not yet launched mature products that have passed the pilot test Almost 100% of them rely on imports (except for small LED placement machines).  Therefore, it can be said that in the past ten years in China, the SMT market was almost occupied by foreign products In this case, the market is eager to see the emergence of cheap and high-quality domestic mounters

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