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What is the future trend of PCBA manufacturing?
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What is the future trend of PCBA manufacturing?

What is the future trend of PCBA manufacturing?
What is the difference between PCBA and PCB? What is the future of PCBA? Let's take a look at the future trend of this industry
The Chinese name of PCB is printed circuit board (PCB). Printed circuit board is an indispensable part of electronic industry. Printed circuit boards have been applied to various electronic devices, such as small abacuses, electronic watches, large computer communication and electronic equipment, and military weapon systems. As long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, printed circuit boards are used to interconnect them.
In the research process of large-scale electronic products, the most basic success factor is the PCB design, file preparation and manufacturing of the product. The design and manufacturing quality of PCB directly affects the quality and cost of the whole product, and even leads to the success or failure of commercial competition. PCBA: PCBA=printed circuit board assembly, which means that an empty PCB passes through SMT and then through DIP board, which is called PCBA. PCBA connecting components can be completed by simply assembling shells and debugging programs.


Since 2009, more and more electronic manufacturers, in order to avoid the trouble of contacting SMT chip manufacturers after purchasing PCBs, usually make two choices: let PCB manufacturers and PCB circuit boards simultaneously produce SMT chips, or let SMT chip manufacturers replace purchased PCBs. In these two modes, PCBA purchased by electronic manufacturers can be assembled and directly used to produce finished products.
Generally speaking, electronic manufacturers will choose a one-stop PCB chip processing factory capable of processing PCBs, or SMT chip manufacturers will purchase PCB circuit boards on behalf of SMT chip manufacturers. It is very simple for SMT chip manufacturers to purchase PCB circuit boards, just let customers provide production drawings and production processes. In addition, PCB market price has become more transparent and easy to purchase. PCB manufacturers are not familiar with the products and prices of various components. It is difficult to contact the chip processing factory for chip production. We can only focus on the production of PCB, and lost customers who need to process at the same time.
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Since 2010, PCB manufacturers have gradually expanded their factory scale and added new production lines of PCB while producing PCB. This one-step approach has been recognized by many electronic manufacturers. Of course, this has both advantages and disadvantages. Alternative chip manufacturers have more profit margins, but at the same time, risks are also increasing. This is mainly because to purchase components for customers, each electronic product needs different components. Even for the same product, the design drawings are different and the components used are also different. If the purchased part is of the wrong type, the sheet and the part will be scrapped at the same time. Direct economic losses are also difficult to estimate. The increase of human and material resources is inevitable. Under the pressure of market competition, simultaneous processing of PCB and PCBA is inevitable.

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