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Packaging Selection of PCBA Products
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Packaging Selection of PCBA Products

Packaging Selection of PCBA Products
Packaging PCBA products manufactured is very sophisticated Reasonable selection of packaging materials can not only protect PCBA products during transportation, but also save transportation costs for PCBA manufacturers and enterprises, so as to better understand customer service
The following SMT patch manufacturer Shenzhen Weisiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the selection of packaging materials.
1. Packaging knows
(1) Definition of packaging: a general term for containers, accessories and materials selected according to certain methods and technologies, which are used to protect, facilitate storage, transport and promote the sales of PCBA manufactured products during transport.
(2) Packaging function: protect products, promote circulation and consumption, promote sales, and increase tourism value.
(3) Packaging classification: cardboard, plastic, metal, glass ceramics, wood, composite materials, fiber, etc.
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2. Packaging material knowledge
(1) Major utilities planning: mechanical, physical, chemical, manufacturing, safety and environmental protection.
(2) Main characteristics of common packaging materials.
Paper packaging materials: rich in raw materials, foldable paper containers are light in weight, have certain stiffness and compressive strength, good elasticity, easy to manufacture and shape, diverse in structure, good in printing and decoration, strong in packaging adaptability, no environmental pollution, easy to recycle or destroy. However, it has low barrier property, poor water resistance and low strength. The combination of paper packaging materials with other packaging materials can improve the application of paper packaging materials.
Plastic packaging materials: light weight, transparent, practical, good barrier, water and oil resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, easy to make and shape, easy to heat seal and compound, and strong packaging adaptability. However, due to poor heat resistance, it is difficult to decompose or treat waste, which constitutes environmental pollution.
Glass packaging: good barrier, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, transparent and bright, beautiful appearance, recyclable. However, the weight capacity ratio is large, the quality is fragile, and the energy consumption is large.
3. Selection principle of packaging materials.
(1) Reciprocity principle: First, distinguish the packaging configuration, that is, it is divided into three levels: high, medium and low. Different levels of packaging materials are selected for different levels of packaging.
(2) Adaptability principle: packaging materials shall be selected according to transportation conditions, including climate, transportation method, circulation guide and circulation cycle.
(3) Coordination principle: packaging materials shall be coordinated with packaging functions. For example, the functions of internal, internal and external packaging of products in the circulation process are different.
(4) Aesthetics principle: whether the product packaging is beautiful is the most important factor determining the fate of the product. From the choice of packaging materials, the first consideration is the color, transparency and type of materials.
This paper introduces the selection principles of packaging materials for PCBA patch manufacturers. We will also pay attention to details, constantly improve quality, and provide better services to customers.

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