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Battery FPC is about charging. Are these statements reasonable?
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Battery FPC is about charging. Are these statements reasonable?

Battery FPC is about charging. Are these statements reasonable?

Is it reasonable for PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers to explain the FPC of batteries about charging?

Are these statements reasonable about charging?

① Will overnight charging affect the servICe life of the cell phone battery

According to the battery FPC editor, not overcharging and discharging the battery will affect the battery life, but overnight charging is not equal to overcharging. On the one hand, the mobile phone will automatically power off when fully charged; On the other hand, at present, many mobile phones use the charging method of fast charging the battery to 80% capacity, and then switching to the slow trickle charging. Therefore, when you sleep, please charge your mobile phone with confidence. The engineers have considered these problems for you in the design.

② It is hot in summer, and the mobile phone will have high temperature when charging. Is this normal, or does it mean there is a problem with the mobile phone battery?

According to the battery FPC, battery charging is accompanied by complex processes such as chEMIcal reaction and charge transfer, which are often accompanied by the generation of heat. Therefore, it is normal for the mobile phone to generate heat during charging. The hot phenomenon of mobile phones is generally caused by poor heat dissipation, rather than the battery itself. Removing the protective cover during charging can help the mobile phone cool down better and effectively extend its service life.

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③ Will the service life of the mobile phone battery be affected when the mobile phone is charged by the charging bank and the car charger?

can't. Whether you use a charging bank or a car charger, as long as you use a charging device that meets the national standard to charge your mobile phone, it will not affect the service life of the mobile phone battery.

④ Is the charging efficiency the same when you plug the charging cable into the computer to charge your mobile phone as when you plug the charging head into the power socket to connect the charging cable to charge your mobile phone?

Whether charging with a power bank, car charger, computer or directly plugged into the power supply, the charging rate is only related to the charging power supported by the charger and mobile phone. The charging speed of a 5W charger (5V=1A) is slower than that of an 18W charger (9V=2A).

⑤ Can the mobile phone be used when charging? What is the reason for the previous case of "being electrocuted during charging"?

The mobile phone can be used in the charging state. When the mobile phone is charged, the charger will convert 220V high-voltage AC power into low-voltage (such as the common 5V) DC power through the transformer to supply power to the battery. Only the low-voltage part is connected to the mobile phone. Generally, the safe voltage of the human body is 36V, that is, under normal charging, the low output voltage will not cause harm to the human body even if the mobile phone shell leaks electricity.

According to the battery FPC editor, it is difficult to verify the source of the relevant news about the "death of a phone call while charging" on the network, and there is no report from any police and other authoritative organizations, so it is difficult to judge the authenticity of the relevant news. As far as charging mobile phones with qualified charging devices that meet the national standards is concerned, it is alarmist to say that "the phone is electrocuted when charging". But it also reminds us that when charging mobile phones, we must use chargers manufactured by regular manufacturers that meet relevant national standards.

In addition, do not disassemble the battery when using the mobile phone. In case of abnormal conditions such as battery bulge, stop using the battery in time and replace it with the mobile phone manufacturer, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by improper use of the battery. Is it reasonable for PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers to explain the FPC of batteries about charging?

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