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5G circuit board, 5G three years, the market has changed
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5G circuit board, 5G three years, the market has changed

5G circuit board, 5G three years, the market has changed

Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain to you that 5G circuit boards have changed in the market in the past three years

On November 1, three years ago, the 5G packages of the three major telecom operators were officially launched, and 5G was officially commercially available in China. The goal of building 2 million 5G base stations this year has been exceeded ahead of schedule.

Experts pointed out that at present, China's 5G network construction is still in the stage of large-scale construction. Although the world's largest network has been built, the breadth and depth of coverage still need to be further improved. China will continue to adhere to the principle of moderately advanced 5G network construction, and realize the combination of construction and use.

According to the small editor, 5G is playing an enabling role in industry, medical care, education, transportation and other industries, forming a number of typical application scenarios with commercial value, covering 40 of 97 major categories of the national economy, and more than 20000 5G application cases.

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It is estimated that in 2021, 5G will directly drive the total economic output of 1.3 trillion yuan, and directly drive the economic added value of about 300 billion yuan, becoming an important engine to drive a new round of economic growth.

5G is not just a breakthrough in technology. Not long ago, a 5G base station was opened in Dongfanghong Village, Jiangxia District, the most remote fishing village in Wuhan. Wuhan has therefore become one of the first cities in China to achieve "5G for every village". What is the 5G life like in a small fishing village?

Dongfanghong Village is a small fishing village surrounded by water on three sides. The villagers said that they used to make phone calls on the lake by rowing boats like this. It was something they couldn't have imagined before. Now it is not only convenient to live, but also safer to sail on the lake.

With the "new farm tool" of 5G, fishermen also began to plan to open online stores, do live broadcast, and operate farmhouses. The villagers had already installed the Internet cable at home.

According to the 5G circuit board editor, local telecom operators are currently planning to expand the 5G signal coverage from administrative villages to more natural villages by building a new 700 megabyte 5G network with wider coverage.

Small fishing villages have changed greatly because of 5G, and 5G commercial use has promoted the leapfrog growth of China's information and communication industry in the past three years, becoming a new engine to drive the development of digital economy.

In the public service center of Xiong'an New District, 5G unmanned scene applications such as unmanned retail cars and unmanned cleaning vehicles have been seen everywhere in the park. At the end of this year, autonomous buses will also be officially put into operation in Rongdong District of Xiong'an New Area.

It is understood that at present, 25000 sensors have been installed in the public service center of Xiong'an New Area. Every road, pipe, and even steel beam here have corresponding digital models in the digital platform, which can be reflected on the platform one by one. Massive data enhances the visualization of the public service center, providing convenience for the implementation of various 5G scene applications.

According to the 5G circuit board editor, this is a 5G smart elderly care integrated management platform jointly developed by the civil affairs department of Jiangmen, Guangdong, and local telecom operators. This platform breaks the information barrier between the elderly care service systems by integrating the elderly ability assessment system, Ping'an Tong system, home visiting system, elderly visiting system, elderly canteen system and other data, and accesses the decentralized monitoring terminals of each elderly care institution to achieve the sharing and centralized management of resources of home based elderly care and institutional elderly care services. This management platform has improved the data system of home-based community elderly care service, and achieved accurate management of community elderly care service institutions and elderly care personnel.

In the Dongfeng commercial vehicle trial production workshop in Shiyan, Hubei Province, engineers are conducting on-site equipment inspection with experts in other places through the "5G+AR" remote collaboration system of the industrial Internet platform. The system can realize remote equipment assisted operation through 5G transmission with low delay and high reliability.

According to the calculation of China Academy of Information and Communication, by 2025, China's investment in 5G network construction will reach 1.2 trillion yuan, which will drive more than 3.5 trillion yuan of related investment and directly create more than 3 million jobs. Circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain that the 5G circuit board market has changed in the past three years.

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