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How can we reduce PCB assembly costs
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How can we reduce PCB assembly costs

How can we reduce PCB assembly costs
No matter how the economIC situation improves, high costs are a common crisis. Many American industries are looking for effective ways to reduce costs and improve profit margins, which will not affect the quality of product and process development, especially in the electronics industry One of the hottest issues facing electronics manufacturers and OEMs is the changing technology, which requires increasingly complex PCB component services For all these problems, PCBA must maintain quality standards at each stage Of course, a happy intermediary or intermediate link can reduce the cost of PCB components hello everyone! Let's modify PCB components to open more content through SMArt steps and reveal smart methods to make PCB more cost-effective
How to reduce pcb assembly cost
All this is to keep it SIMple and reduce the cost of PCBA as much as possible, rather than regard it as a complex dance to make it more compact, versatile and reliable. For most electronic manufacturers, it is not easy to find areas that are critical to safely minimize costs and meet customer needs with high-quality products. At the same time, it is difficult to balance project schedule and budget. On the other hand, strict inspection operations may lead to additional costs. If they are ignored or not implemented during PCB assembly, the cost will be higher. With this, why not try some simple methods to achieve more cost savings?
By providing many different design options to minimize complexity, this can help you plan for the right prototype first.
By applying the universal structure, it can be molded into the correct pipeline to reduce the cost. Complex shapes often lead to higher costs.
Circuit board

pcb board

Smart and smooth PCB layout is located at the edge of the basket An important stage of PCB assembly is program stealing, which requires effective planning to reduce costs This is the PCB layout stage By adhering to PCB engineering, we can optimize the use of required high-quality parts and components, and quickly reduce the cost of each PCB
Spend enough time to develop a complete Bill of Materials (BOM). A valid BOM shall include all basic elements such as reference MARK, part number, description, quality, SMT method, manufacturer's name, floor area, packaging, and BOM level. The most important thing is to add component replacement elements in the BOM. Because of the rapid development of science and technology, the old elements need to be replaced with new elements immediately to match the competitive market trend/Li>
Avoid additional cutting of the circuit board, which may increase the cost of PCBA, which will not have a significant impact on brand recognition or function.
Continue to perform rigorous DFM checks to detect specific circuits that are typically performed, which can gradually reduce PCB assembly costs.
By effectively optimizing and converting the schematic layout of the bare PCB, the main factors considered can be inserted or improved. Just understand the basic concept map of the following factors: (insert picture)
Calculate the fine balance of the order value. The more orders, the lower the price of each PCB component.
After understanding how pcb assembler calculates lead time,
Adjust the lead time. Clear all questions related to the start time, order date, payment date, part receiving date, etc.
Consciously select professional experts and reliable PCB manufacturers/pcb assemblers. Most PCB assemblers claim to provide cost-effective PCB Assembly Services. But many customers are not satisfied because they did not receive what they claimed. To avoid these important problems, let's choose some factors that will help us consciously choose PCB manufacturers:
Seek certification to ensure good manufacturing capability and quality PCB assembly service management system. Compliance with RoHS standards, ISO9001, UL and other international quality control standards has become a necessary condition to improve the process and product quality.
The implementation of high-tech equipment, well-defined tool rooms and upgraded technology help to achieve rapid turnover, high efficiency, required manufacturing speed, high-precision placement and effective inspection In the current innovation world, professional PCB technologies such as Surface Mount Technology and through-hole technology are used. These factors must be the primary factors in the checklist

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