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PCB copying turns electronic waste into treasure and reverse PCB copying
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PCB copying turns electronic waste into treasure and reverse PCB copying

PCB copying turns electronIC waste into treasure and reverse PCB copying

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain how PCB copying turns electronic waste into treasure and reverse PCB copying

When it comes to toys, the first thing that comes to mind should be international brands like Lego. Are Chinese people really fond of foreign things? Or does China really have no strength to build a brand? None of them. First of all, we don't recognize that Lego is a big brand with strong strength behind its global reputation. Their products can really attract consumers. However, we should know that the domestic toy industry also has such strength. With the help of the Dongfeng in the Internet era, now is a great opportunity for transformation.

Dongguan, as a toy consumption base, is faced with the urgency of industrial transformation. Its own brand is like a sharp knife hanging on its head. How to complete this challenge depends on the help of PCB copy. What is PCB copy? We also call it PCB cloning or reverse design, which is a 1:1 reverse recovery process of extracting electronic products or PCB files of circuit boards, returning them to schematIC design, and then stopping PCB cloning or prototype manufacturing with recovered technical materials. What is more important is to be able to apply the research results of board copying to stop PCB modification and re innovation or secondary development of functional prototype.

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This is exactly what domestic toy manufacturers need most at present. Based on the experience of consuming toys for so many years, it once formed a fixed form. Fixation and repetition are easy to lead people into a deadlock. What PCB board reading technology needs to do is to break through rigidity, eliminate the rough and extract the essence, and make secondary innovation to design products that are more high-quality than the original ones.

It is universally acknowLEDged that children's money is the best earned. In order not to let children lose at the starting line, there are many suitable intelligent educational toys for them to play since the beginning of infants, not to mention the slightly older children. There are many product items on the MARKet, which make people dizzy. The cooperation between toy manufacturers and PCB copying technology is the strongest force to build domestic toy independent brands, and also the strongest driver to push national industry to the world. It is time for domestic brands to participate in the toy market.

The innovation of reverse PCB board is the shore

In the past, without independent research and development, it was considered that there was no intellectual property right, and it was impossible to grow, establish a brand and gain competitiveness in the future. However, now, with the acceleration of the upgrading of electronic products, more and more developers prefer to issue short-term investment projects, such as reverse PCB copy innovation for high-end electronic products, PCB modification, secondary development of software and hardware, etc. Although the integrated circuit industry has always been a weak point of our country, we cannot blindly engage in independent research and development. As we all know, the chip industry is growing slowly. Why should we continue to throw money into the water?

For most developing countries, with the rising cost of raw materials, a large amount of independent research and development does make them more and more burdensome, and the benefits are increasingly difficult to obtain. In such a period, the "short sightedness" of investors and the "foresight" of enterprises cannot match after all. You have to think more from the perspective of an economist rather than a technical expert. Although independent research and development has been going on for a long time, there is also a time when profits are coming, which is why many international giants are supported by shareholders deSPIte their low short-term profits. Although the value of reverse copy innovation is not high, it is superior to sustainable renewal and cost-effective, which is very suitable for SMAll and medium-sized enterprises. For an enterprise lacking capital and technology, independent research and development will only be endless, and reverse copy innovation is the shore.

The so-called reverse copy innovation refers to the reverse analysis of excellent electronic products and circuit boards at home and abroad, the acquisition of PCB files, BOM files, schematic diagrams and other technical documents, and the re research and secondary development after digestion and absorption. Such a whole process can not only shorten the project cycle, but also improve the level of innovation in a short time. PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain how PCB copying turns electronic waste into treasure and reverse PCB copying.

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