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PCB copying and chip decryption set off an information security war
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PCB copying and chip decryption set off an information security war

PCB copying and chip decryption set off an information security war

Circuit board manufacturing, circuit board design, PCBA processing manufacturers explain PCB copy and chip decryption to you, setting off an information security war

Today, information security has become a worldwide problem as information warfare and electronic warfare continue to unfold. However, China's integrated circuit board chips are highly dependent on imports. Most of the chips used in government, civil and other fields are foreign chips, and even many of the chips used by the military and military industry departments are foreign chips. Information in all fields is almost naked. How to protect the information security, the PCB copy of IT equipment and the decryption of chips on the board will lead Chinese products out of dependence and break through the core technical barriers.

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Localization of PCB board becomes the development trend of IT industry

In recent years, after a series of international espionage incidents were exposed, going to "IOE" became a popular slogan in the domestic IT industry. Therefore, it has become a trend to make PCB copy and localization for network equipment. Due to the high threshold of foreign high-end technology, it is not so easy to achieve localization through independent innovation. PCB copy can quickly grasp the full set of technical data such as product PCB files, Bom lists, schematics, etc. through reverse analysis of the original products, thus breaking the technical barriers, digesting and absorbing to lay the foundation for further localization development.

PCB copy shall also include some on-board chip decryption

However, one person in the industry had other concerns about this. He said that simply copying PCB was not enough. "The domestic server products for copying PCB still use Intel chips, and the servers still use foreign chips." Therefore, to establish a comprehensive national information security mechanism, it is difficult to rely only on a single PCB copy. It must also include chip decryption on the circuit board. Our chips cannot only rely on external procurement.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between chip independent research and development and chip decryption

Although China has become a big chip manufacturing country, it is still embarrassed to be at the lowest end of the industrial chain. It can only engage in OEM and other businesses. It has not mastered the core technology. 80%~90% of the chips are still monopolized by international manufacturers, and it has no competitiveness in the high-end field. The main reason is that China's chip research and development fund is insufficient, the cycle is long, and it is difficult to see short-term benefits, which makes enterprises less enthusiastic about chip research and development. The chip decryption not only has less investment and quick effect, but also can reverse design, leak detection and functional modification based on the original chip, so that the new chip has excellent functions after technical upgrading, and the national information security can be guaranteed after re encryption.

PCB manufacturing, PCB design and PCBA processing manufacturers will explain to you that PCB copying and chip decryption will set off an information security war.

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