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Localization process of surface mount equipment
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Localization process of surface mount equipment

Localization process of surface mount equipment
Since the introduction of SMT to produce color TV tuner batch production line in 1985, surface mount technology has been applied in China's electronic manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years According to incomplete statistics, there are now about 50, 000 SMT production lines in China, and the total number of SMT mounters exceeds 100, 000. The market of automatic SMT mounters has accounted for 40% of the world, making it the largest and most important SMT market in the world
Welding, testing and printing equipment has reached the international advanced level.
Since 2005, domestic SMT equipment companies have basically realized the localization of SMT equipment, such as printing presses, welding, and testing. With the advantage of market price, they have occupied 70% - 80% of the domestic market share
As for the solder paste printing machine, Hitachi is the first one successfully developed in China. In recent years, many private enterprises have participated in research and development, and launched many varieties, reaching the world's middle and high standards. In 2006, Dongguan Kaige Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a full-automatic printing machine, which soon became the first brand in China.
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In terms of welding equipment, domestic R&D and manufacturing started very early, and lead-free welding equipment has reached the international advanced level, becoming the most competitive product in China's surface mount equipment market. At present, the low-end market is dominated by domestic brands, while the high-end market is still monopolized by foreign brands (in terms of stability, there is a certain gap with foreign advanced standards, such as the horizontal temperature difference of foreign reflux furnace manufacturers is only 0.5 degrees, while the domestic highest level is as high as 2 degrees).
In terms of AOI equipment, before 2010, the domestic AOI market was almost monopolized by more than 20 foreign brand equipment. Dongguan Shenzhou Vision took the lead in developing Aleader series, the first AOI equipment in China. At present, more than 4000 sets have been accumulated, and the annual sales volume has reached 600~700 sets. Class s.
In terms of X-ray testing equipment, China started late. Since UFJ Technology entered the field in 2006, it has achieved independent research and development of core components in 2008, reaching the world's leading level. At present, the company's annual shipment has reached more than 400 sets.
The SMT machine is still 100% dependent on imports, more than 60% of which are from Japan.
SMT is the most critical equipment to meet the highest technological and stability requirements For more than ten years, Chinese companies are still in the exploration stage and prototype trial production stage, and have not yet launched mature products that have passed the pilot test Almost 100% of them rely on imports (except for small LED placement machines);  Foreign companies in China will core placement machines The production is located across
In 2013, China imported 1.301 billion automatic mounters from the United States, mainly from Japan, accounting for 65.2%; Imports from South Korea, Germany, Singapore, the United States and the Netherlands accounted for 17.9%, 6.1% and 3%, 1.3% and 0.8% respectively
1. Difficulties and bottlenecks in the localization of placement machine
The placement machine has a wide application field and high technology content, which can drive the related basic industries such as precision machinery manufacturing, high-precision sensing, high-performance motor manufacturing, image processing, X-Y servo control system, software, etc. Since the early 1990s, there have been dozens of enterprises and institutions in China, such as the former Electronics Department, the Second Research Institute, Factory 715, Factory 43, Factory 4506, Panda Electronics, Fenghua Hi tech, Shanghai Hyundai, Shanghai Microelectronics, Yangcheng Technology, etc. I have tried the localization of the placement machine, but so far, no domestic placement machine has entered the market.
For example, in 1994, Shanghai Radio Special Equipment Factory once again jointly assembled a SMT machine with Japan, but it was terminated due to changes in Japan; In 2002, Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly produced the prototype of the SMT machine. Commercialization follow-up news; In recent years, South China University of Technology and Zhaoqing Xinbaohua Electronics Co., Ltd. (Co., Ltd.) have also cooperated to develop the placement machine.
Through research, the main reasons of NEPCON SMT equipment experts are summarized as follows:
First of all, the structure of the placement machine is complex, the technology content is high, and the accumulation of domestic basic industries is insufficient.
SMT is a multidisciplinary integration of high-tech precision equipment such as electromechanical and optical. There are 10000 to 20000 components. Foreign SMT companies usually purchase 70% of the SMT, and the rest 30% are customized by the company. These 30% of domestic companies are unable to produce parts due to lack of basic scientific and technological talents.
Secondly, the development cost of the SMT machine is high, and the investment risk is high. Private enterprises cannot guarantee continuous capital investment.
At present, the government has not paid enough attention to the production of SMT. In the past, state-owned enterprises developed SMT machines, usually the government allocated special funds to set up projects to solve key problems. The enterprise produces prototypes, organizes evaluation, and then ends the project, lacking the motivation for continuous innovation.
Private enterprises have strong innovation vitality and are the main force in the development of SMT (there are hundreds of domestic SMT equipment manufacturers, almost all of them are private enterprises), but they are small in scale, limited in strength and lack of further developed and improved prototypes. Capital investment.
At the same time, once domestic companies successfully develop new products, foreign companies will immediately reduce prices to suppress domestic companies, causing domestic companies to break the R&D capital chain and cannot survive in the changing performance of the mounter market.
Third, the SMT industry standard system is not perfect.
Standard system is the key of integrated supply chain The rapidly changing surface mount technology, new materials and processes, as well as the dual pressures of cost and environmental protection, force frequent changes in product specifications, and put forward new requirements for the formulation of SMT standards For a long time, China's SMT industry excessively relied on foreign IPC standards, and did not develop a complete standard system according to the actual situation of China's SMT industry Although domestic standards such as GB19247, GB3131 and QJ165 have been formulated, there are complex standards and non systematic standards
In addition, the international standards initiated by domestic SMT have not received strong support and protection. For example, IPC-9853 is the first IPC standard initiated by China SMT Corporation, which lasted for 4 years, but was withdrawn by the IPC in July 2013 without any explanation or interpretation, which damaged the competitiveness of China SMT Corporation.

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