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Overview and FPC explanation of improving PCB advantages
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Overview and FPC explanation of improving PCB advantages

Overview and FPC explanation of improving PCB advantages
(1) High success rate of PCB replication: in addition to PCB replICation experience, it also has a deep manufacturing and design background; Therefore, this PCB is fast and successful, with a success rate of 100%
(2) Low price of PCB copy board: The price of PCB copy board is low because PCB companies focus on sustainable cooperation under a reasonable charging system.
(3) High quality assurance: high-quality engineers, standard copy programs, perfect quality assurance system, and advanced manufacturing and testing equipment provide excellent quality assurance.
(4) Professional R&D capability: Pengxin has a group of professional software and hardware R&D engineers to design the latest electronic products for customers at any time.
(5) Reduce customer costs, save customer time, and ensure 100% success rate
circuit board

pcb board

PCB copy is to replace components, make BOM list, make PCB file and export schematic diagram with PCB and prototype PCB We can also provide customers with PCB modification boards (addition and decrease functions, circuit board size changes, board information changes, and combining seven boards into one board) PCB replacement board
If you want to do reverse, you can also do forward, that is, PCB layout. As long as customers provide schematic diagrams, or only provide circuit board samples, or only provide product function descriptions to us, we can provide customers with active hardware circuit design, and provide customers with qualified PCB drawings.
A professional PCB company is engaged in PCB design, PCB reProduction board, PCB conversion board, complete solutions for electronic products, production capacity of one to 28 layers of high-density PCB reproduction board, single panel, multi-layer board, multi-layer laser blind buried via holes, and batch processing of high-precision PCB boards with a line width of 3mil (0.075mm) and a hole diameter of 4mil (0.10mm).
As long as there is a motherboard, the one-time replication is successful. We promise that it is the same as the original. The cost of copying the circuit board is low, which saves the design cost for customers. Save R&D time many times! Save the high salary of R&D personnel!
Household appliances: freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, induction cookers, electric pots, etc.
Consumer digital products: SMArtphones, tablets, computer motherboards, MP3-4, high-quality headphones, etc.
Electronic toy products: remote control aircraft, remote control cars, electronic plush toys, electronic learning toys, games and video games.
Security electronic products: DVRs, monitors, video intercom systems, smart home electronic products, such as smart switches, electric curtains, remote control appliances, background music, smart instruments and meters, and building equipment
Equipment, infrared CAMera, infrared alarm, parking lot access controller, attendance equipment, fingerprint equipment, all-in-one card system, etc.
Medical and health care products: B-ultrasound machine, medical hemoperfusion machine, blood oxygen analyzer...,
Health electronic products: massage pads, massagers, electronic foot pads, electronic beauty equipment, weight loss equipment, etc.
Industrial automation equipment: embroidery machine, loom, printer, scanner, etc.
Industrial control equipment: stepping motor, servo motor, communication circuit board, RF circuit board, information collector, etc.
Industrial testing equipment: water quality detector, air detector, infrared rangefinder, three coordinate instrument, etc.
Automobile electronic products: driving computer, automobile remote controller, automobile accessory circuit board, etc. We have successful cases in many fields.
The business scope of PCB company includes: PCB reproduction board, PCB conversion, PCB file production, BOM production, PCB format conversion, PCB reverse push schematic and a series of services, as well as PCB design, PCB design and development, PCB layout, etc.: Use professional PCB design and wiring design software according to power schematic diagram and structure diagram We have a professional and experienced design team, which can overcome the current PCB design and the wiring of the whole series of MTK chips
FPC basic knowLEDge explanation
Flexible printing circuit board: Flexible printing circuit board is a highly reliable and high-performance flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness and good flexibility.
Basic structure of FPC
Copper foil substrate: FCCL copper foil substrate is divided into electrolytic copper (ED) and rolled copper (RA). The thickness is usually 1/3 1oz (mainstream manufacturers such as Taihong, Lianmao, Doushan and Xinyang), 1/2oz and 1/3 oz (electrolytic copper has lower manufacturing cost but is more fragile, and rolled copper has higher manufacturing cost but is softer)
Cover: Coverly
Reinforcing plate: generally divided into PI or FR4 data
EMI: electromagnetic mask film (mainstream manufacturers: Topaz, Toyo, Chengbang Dali, Fangtie)
Flexible circuit board production process
1. Manufacturing Technology of PCB Double Sided Board
Cutting, drilling, black hole, copper plating, pretreatment, pasting, dry film alignment, exposure development pattern, electroplating, release film pretreatment, pasting, dry film alignment, exposure, development, etching, release - surface treatment, covering film pressing, curing, soaking, nickel gold printing, character cutting, power measurement, punching, final inspection, packaging and transportation
1. PCB single panel manufacturing technology
Cutting - pasting dry film - alignment - exposure - development - pattern electroplating - stripping - surface treatment - covering film - pressing - curing - immersion of nickel and gold - printing characters - cutting - power test - punching - final inspection - packaging - shipping
Detailed PCB process:
Cutting data: cut the copper foil of future data to the proper size
Drilling: according to the layout drawing, use a drill to drill holes on the copper foil
Black hole: the physical action of graphite and carbon powder forms a conductive film on the hole wall, and then directly forms copper on the hole wall through electroplating
Immersion in nickel gold: The purpose of adding or reducing gold plating on the copper leakage surface of FPC is to improve the conductivity, welding efficiency and oxidation resistance of FPC. However, in order to prevent the gold layer from penetrating into the copper layer and causing gold penetration, it is necessary to coat a layer of nickel on the copper surface. For isolation, nickel is too thick, high hardness, poor flexibility, too thin, poor strength, and easy to fall off.

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