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Describe the improvement of super long PCB design
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Describe the improvement of super long PCB design

In the field of mICrowave high-frequency circuit boards (such as communication antennas, satellite antennas, microwave antennas, etc.), the circuit boards with a length of more than 800mm are usually calLED or become ultra long PCB antenna boards. As an indispensable supporting product in modern electronic information industry, such circuit boards have been rapidly applied and widely developed in mobile phones, car phones, wireless communications, radio and television and other fields. However, most of the existing antenna plate structures are designed for sizes below 800mm. When applied to ultra long antenna plate structures, serious problems will arise in terms of signal fidelity, service life, and manufacturing and design costs.

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Aiming at the defects of the existing PCB technology, PCB has disclosed a new ultra long pcb antenna board with a new structure. Through structural improvement of PCB and antenna unit, the overall strength and signal transmission of the antenna board can be effectively guaranteed, and the structure is SIMple and the production cost is low. To achieve the above purpose, the ultra long PCB antenna board realized by the following technical solution includes a metal substrate, the upper surface of the metal substrate is provided with an antenna line layer, the antenna line layer is composed of an antenna unit and a grounding unit, wherein the antenna unit is connected with the grounding unit through a feed in unit; The lower surface of the metal substrate is provided with a tin coating, which is covered with a glass adhesive layer. With the above structure, adding tin layer and glass adhesive layer under the traditional metal substrate not only ensures the good insulation performance of PCB products, but also enables the metal substrate to have good strength, thus increasing the toughness of the entire antenna plate, which can make it_ Above, for example, good service life is maintained in the length of 1200mm; By using the feed in unit to combine the antenna unit with the grounding unit, the installation difficulty of the antenna unit can be reduced, and the antenna unit can be easily removed and replaced. In the application of longer antenna boards, more antenna units can be installed by increasing the number of feed in units, thus reducing the production and use costs. The feed in unit can be any structure that can partially combine two ends with other units, such as a double head clamp, a cassette with grooves at both ends, etc. This product is common in the electronic industry and can also be purchased in the MARKet. The metal substrate can be a common metal substrate in the antenna field, such as aluminum substrate, copper foil substrate, etc., which is well-known in the art. The grounding unit is L-shaped, which effectively controls the volume and maintains a certain bending strength. Among them, the antenna units are multiple groups, which can transmit signals of different specifications, such as mobile communication signals, satellites

Signal, etc. The metal substrate is provided with a positioning hole, which is convenient for fixing and installing the PCB antenna board on other integral structures. Through the structural improvement, the antenna plate of the utility model can provide excellent signal transmission capability in a longer length, has a good service life, low production and use cost, and has high scalability.