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Electronic factory editor: brief introduction to solutions to environmental problems in PCB industry
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Electronic factory editor: brief introduction to solutions to environmental problems in PCB industry

ElectronIC factory editor: brief introduction to solutions to environmental problems in PCB industry

In recent deCADes, China's printed circuit board industry has developed rapidly from scratch, from SMAll to large. Since 2006, the output value of the printed circuit board industry has remained the first in the world. The analysis of the PCB industry MARKet survey analysis report is as follows:

With the further deepening of the national environmental protection work, the environmental protection departments of the government have made a lot of attempts and innovations in energy conservation and EMIssion reduction, structural adjustment, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. They have correctly handLED the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, making them interdependent and mutually reinforcing. They have made remarkable achievements and accumulated rich experience in environmental protection

So, can we explore a healthy development path for China's PCB industry? This requires the government, society and enterprises to pool their wisdom. Here, we would like to introduce our own ideas.

First, the relevant government departments need to review whether the environmental protection standards implemented for the PCB industry are appropriate.

In the past, due to the existence of electroplating process in PCB production process, the environmental protection department will put PCB enterprises under the management of electroplating industry. In fact, electroplating process only accounts for a small part in the production of printed circuit boards, and there are great differences between the two industries. Among the 30 major categories in the "manufacturing industry category" of the national economic industry classification (GB/T4754-2011), the printed circuit board belongs to the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry category. In 2008, the Clean Production Standard - Printed circuit board manufacturing (HJ450-2008) organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been released and officially implemented since February 1, 2009. It is clearly pointed out in this standard that from the date of implementation of this standard, the indicator requirements related to "printed circuit boards" in the Cleaner Production Standard - Electroplating Industry (HJ/T314-2006) will be replaced. Therefore, it is inappropriate to directly use the electroplating industry emission standards to control PCB enterprises, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

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Secondly, the industry association should actively coordinate with relevant government departments and professional institutions to formulate pollutant emission standards suitable for the PCB industry. The printed circuit board industry has a unique production process. Professional institutions should develop appropriate pollutant emission standards based on a detailed understanding of the industry's production process and the current development of environmental protection treatment technology. In this way, the environmental protection work can be effective, and the printed circuit board industry can get considerable development. With the progress of environmental protection technology and printed circuit technology, the pollutant emission control indicators have been continuously tightened, so that China's environmental protection undertakings have been pushed forward orderly in stages. For example, the application of new technologies such as embedded component technology, digital ink-jet printing and electronic technology, and biochemical treatment of production wastewater will make the PCB industry more environmentally friendly.

Finally, we call on and require PCB enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and put environmental protection at the top of their list. Only by conscientiously operating according to specifications, increasing investment in environmental protection, actively introducing new advanced processes and technologies, strengthening management, and establishing a new image in front of the public can enterprises obtain more development opportunities and get more support from the government and society.

Chinese PCB enterprises need to strengthen their technical capabilities to adapt to market demand and grasp the development rhythm of the global electronics industry. Market and technology are the foundation of electronic industry, and PCB industry is no exception. In recent years, although the overall growth of the electronics industry has slowed down compared with the past, we have also found structural opportunities in different periods: the traditional PC industry has declined, but mobile terminals have sprung up; The growth of telecom equipment industry slowed down, and cloud computing began to release momentum; In the near future, wearable and intelligent electronic products are gradually attracting the world's attention, and the status of intelligent driverless and green new energy vehicles will be further highlighted... Whether we can seize these rapidly changing market growth opportunities depends on whether we can fundamentally grasp the long-term evolution trend of the market and technology, and whether we can keep the pace of technological progress of the enterprise consistent with the market demand, If we successfully grasp this point and conform to the market trend, the enterprise will be able to stand on the end of industrial development and remain invincible.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers explain the current environmental problems faced by the PCB industry and the solutions that should be urgently coordinated.

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