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Machine automation and rigid-flex-pcbs
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Machine automation and rigid-flex-pcbs

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's salaries are gradually increasing, and the management of employees on the production line is becoming more and more difficult, which makes the production cost gradually increase. Promoting the automation of production machinery is also a problem that some manufacturers of rigid-flex-pcb boards can consider.


The application of industrial robots in the production line of rigid-flex-pcbs composite plates has the following advantages:

1. The production efficiency has been greatly improved. The efficiency of the machine is much higher than that of the personnel production, which can reduce the labor and management costs, and will not produce the fatigue feeling of the employees due to long working hours, thus reducing the errors in production.

2. The accuracy of machine production can reduce the consumption of raw materials.

3. The requirements for the environment are relatively low. For example, in some environments with high temperature and pungent smell, employees cannot stay in such an environment for a long time. The machine does not have such requirements, which reduces the cost of environmental treatment.

4. Continuous production can be carried out for a long time, and production will not be interrupted to increase production capacity.

5. The diversified manufacturing of rigid-flex-pcbs composite plates means that there will be more and more small batch orders in the future. Personnel produce from drawing to batching to packaging. It takes too long to make a new order. This will not happen to automatic machines. You can set up the system to produce, and you can immediately edit the next batch of programs.

6. The stability of the product quality of the rigid-flex-pcbs bonding plates is due to the repeated positioning and high accuracy of the automatic machine. The plate surface of the product produced is flat, and the difference between plates of the same batch is very small. Each plate produced or welded by personnel is different from each other. Machine automation has great advantages in building brand and image.

There are also some problems that can not be overcome at present in the machine automation of the production line of rigid-flex-pcbs composite boards:

1. The investment in fully automated production equipment is too large at one time, which is unacceptable to many manufacturers. Some parts still need a large number of personnel to monitor and operate.

2. The quality, color, etc. of rigid-flex-pcbs bonding plates cannot be judged flexibly, and the standard is too fixed. This requires higher intelligence of production line machines.

3. Once a problem occurs in one production line midway, it will affect the production of the whole production line. Once it is determined that it cannot be handled in a short time, it will have a great impact on production.

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