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HDI PCB discusses component placement in high-density PCB design
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HDI PCB discusses component placement in high-density PCB design

HDI PCB discusses component placement in high-density PCB design
p> When did PCB replacethe slow and cumbersome manual terminal blocks and systems in the past? It became a new technology, enabling electronic engineers to assemble complex electronic systems relatively quickly, easily and cheaply Therefore, the electronic industry has made every effort to make these circuit boards as easy to manufacture as possible A large amount of money has been invested and used to design software to assist in the design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing of printed circuit boards These technologies enable design engineers in the electronic industry to invest in improving processes to reduce part size, and to reduce PCB line width and size by producing surface mount (SM) and ball grid array (BGA) packages For other features, use X-ray imager to better check cards, etc The slow introduction of artistic intelligence (AI) into design software means that some critical work, such as placing PCB board components, is still controlled manually by the layout engineer As a design engineer, you need to ensure that you understand part placement to ensure design stability
The evolution of component placement throughout your design career
I designed a low density, flexible circuit board using winding method Then there is the opportunity to make printed circuit boards I start from simple PCB (through hole parts, reasonably sparse design) to simple and even large SMT parts This means that the following manual welding process is also quite simple However, with the further development of your business, you are assigned to use high-density PCB boards for micro SMT manufacturing, BGA, QFN components in fragile design environments, and the spacing between thin lines and components in the layout is small This makes "assembly" a new variable that PCB design engineers must deal with For some, this may be an unpleasant surprise, but I believe we should warn in advance
Place the parts on the PCB
A PCB board can be assembled with one of many different pipes The design engineer shall consider specific assembly technologies, such as machine assembly, manual and infrared over, etc, PCB board before design These options usually depend on cost, time, volume, and the type of design being considered by the engineer Place the part on the PCB board Signal length (small and), easy to assemble, easy to test for assembling PCB In the following, we will explore the unique components that assemble each aspect
Conference Types and DFA Important Guidelines
Through the electronics industry, you are almost sure to handle many different types of assemblies It is important to understand the content involved in each process, the advantages and typical uses of each assembly form, and how to optimize the DFA process to be consistent with the production of the final product PCB
PCB component placement in machine assembly
Machines can often be used to assemble and use them for mass production.  The component footprint PCB on the must be, and must comply with all design rules Machine assembly does not provide any flexibility, which can be obtained by using people to manufacture PCB in the circuit The card for machine assembly is It uses expensive industrial machines to design and complete PCB boards according to the rules No redesign time means that this method is usually used for high-capacity welding
Manual assembly and solder bridge issues
Manual assembly is a slow technique.  This is very time-consuming and requires full-time staff It is also error prone Short circuits caused by welded bridges have ruined the careers of many engineers Therefore, most agents work with two technicians - an assembler and a quality assurance (QA) technician, who checks the work of the assembler to ensure that the welding bridge on the PCB will not grow up Assembly technicians must be very talented people They will let you break the design rules that are not allowed by machines or even mixed language programs Therefore, if a design (generally a low volume design) violates design rules to achieve compactness, manual welding is a kind of pipe

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Infrared oven or wave soldering in hybrid assemblies
The rest of the market is dominated by hybrid assembly methods, in which the technicians place the components on the card and use an infrared furnace or wave soldering machine to complete the welding process Mixed components usually use templates and solder pastes to create solder coated PCB boards. Assembly technicians only need to place the parts on the designated footprints and put the filled cards in the oven to complete the reflow/welding process If errors such as vertical lifting occur during oven welding, the mixing assembler must leave enough space between the parts to place them manually and reprocess the welding card Quality assurance technicians may also be part of the production line
Component Placement in High Density PCB Board Design
The need to manufacture high sensitivity PCB boards create new temptations that will not appear in sparse designs When engaging in high-density design activities, even in high-density systems, do not forget this, and must follow the old design methods A common practice that designers refuse to follow is to abandon reference code, which can lead to a significant increase in density However, assembly language programs still need this information to assemble cards Removing these indicators means that the engineer is now responsible for creating additional files to assist and guide assembly technicians in the assembly process Remember that PCB boards, such as schematics or programs, require a lot of manpower to complete the development process before they become reality. Remember, each step must contain enough files to allow others to interact with your creation Always consider how people who interact with your design after you will view your design choices We all believe that the next person may not pay a high price for your gadgets Some people in the design and assembly team may need to convert PCB boards into fully operational electronic systems to realize your dreams

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