Kingford focus on the high-quality PCBA order demand of "Multiple varieties, medium and small batch, and short lead time".
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How to ensure the quality of products?

Our high quality standards are achieved in the following ways. All production processes are strICtly controlLED in accordance with ISO & IATF & UL standards, IQC incoming material inspection: to prevent poor manufacturing process due to poor materials and delay delivery; SPI Solder Paste Inspection: to find out in advance that the front-end process flows out of the next process (inspection standard: 3D inspection + data statistical analysis); online AOI inspection: check whether there are errors or omissions in the produced products, and bad materials flow out of the next process; SMT first article inspection: ensure that the components attached to the production model are completely consistent with the customer's assembly drawing and bill of materials Compliant to prevent defects from flowing into the next process (refer to BOM and Gerber data, inspect each solder joint of the first board); Appearance inspection: Sampling inspection of all production processes to see if it is consistent with the operation instructions (validity standard: each product Process instructions and instructions for each position); X-Ray welding inspection: inspect the solder joints of components that are invisible to the naked eye to avoid short-circuiting out of the next process;

BGA device rework: X-Ray detects bad soldering of BGA, disassembles and solders under temperature-controlled conditions, reduces the impact on the device and ensures the quality of repair soldering; QA inspection: standardizes the inspection of finished products to prevent unqualified products from being shipped; Electrostatic warehousing and shipment: anti-static packaging and safety protection warehousing.