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Troubleshooting method of short circuit in PCBA processing
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Troubleshooting method of short circuit in PCBA processing

Nowadays, more and more intelligent electronic products, PCBA control board plays an important role in it, and there will be all kinds of problems in PCBA processing, let Shenzhen kingfprd Co., Ltd. to introduce PCBA processing short-circuit troubleshooting method:

First, use short-circuit positioning analyzer to detect faults.

Second, open the PCB design drawing on the computer, and then light the short-circuit network to see which position is the closest, need to pay special attention to the IC internal short circuit.

Three, if the short circuit is found, it is recommended to take a board secant line, after the secant line, each part of the function block is energized, step by step investigation.

Four, if manual welding, before welding need to visually detect the PCB board, and use a multimeter to check whether the key line short-circuit phenomenon, each time after welding a chip with a multimeter to detect whether the power supply and ground short circuit, and remember not to toss the iron.

Five, for small size of the sticker capacitor must be carefully welded, power filter capacitor is very easy to cause short circuit, it is best to check whether the capacitor is good before welding.

PCBA board

2. Precautions for using three-proof paint in PCBA processing

In the processing of PCBA need to do a good job of protective measures, to avoid the three anti-paint caused some harm to the human body, in order to better achieve the protective effect of three anti-paint, let Shenzhen kingford Co., Ltd. to introduce the use of three anti-paint in the processing of PCBA matters that need attention:

1, viscosity change: three anti paint before and after use will have different viscosity changes, the higher the temperature of the three anti paint test flow rate is faster;

2, coating thickness: if you want to get a thicker coating, by coating two layers of thin coating to obtain, and must be in the first layer of completely cured before allowed to coat the second layer;

3, the thickness of the film layer: the addition of diluent is large, the viscosity of the glue is low, the thickness of the glue is thin;

4, inconvenient coating area: connectors, switches, radiators, etc., are not allowed to have coating materials, it is recommended to use tear welding proof CS5001 cover;

5. Temperature and humidity: All coating operations shall be carried out under the condition that the temperature is not lower than 16℃ and the relative humidity is not higher than 75%.

6, coating repair method: if you want to repair the coated device, just the welding iron directly contact the coating can remove the component, install the new component, and then the area with a brush or solvent [thinner] clean, and then dry, and then with three anti-paint coating can be;

7, three anti-paint generally contains flammable solvents: should avoid high temperature and open flame, should have sufficient ventilation conditions, to avoid long-term inhalation of volatile gas and long-term repeated contact with the skin damage;

8. Operating staff safety: Operate in a ventilated and spacious place to avoid high temperature and open flame. Do not come into direct contact with your skin. Wear gloves and a mask.

The above is about the "PCBA processing in the use of three anti-paint matters need to pay attention to" introduction, I hope to have some help to you, more PCBA information please pay attention to the content of the site update! kingford is a professional PCBA processing enterprise, with fully automatic SMT production line and wave soldering, for you to open the whole production and quality testing process, find us, you belong to have your own electronic processing plant!

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