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How to charge for SMT chip processing in Shenzhen
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How to charge for SMT chip processing in Shenzhen

How to charge for SMT chip processing in Shenzhen

PCB Electronics is a professional PCBA processing factory. With 21 years of SMT chip processing experience, it can provide integrated services such as PCBA OEM and material replacement, PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT chip processing, component purchasing, chip plug-in welding, assembly testing, etc. Many friends are not clear about how to charge for SMT chip processing. Now let's introduce. The charging details of SMT chip processing in Shenzhen are as follows for reference. Please contact the customer service personnel for the true quotation.

1. The charge details of SMT chip processing include: SMT welding cost+engineering cost+DIP plug-in cost+expedited cost+others (for example: PCB board cost, steel mesh cost, freight, testing cost, special process, packaging cost, etc.).

2. When the customer comes with materials, please properly allocate more vulnerable materials according to the standard percentage in the circle. Excess materials can be returned. In addition, note that the details of the incoming materials must be clearly marked, which correspond to the details in the BOM, and cannot be marked roughly. For example, if other names are correct but the voltage is incorrect, a series of problems such as functional problems will occur, causing serious delay.

3. Engineering cost: It is charged according to the number of boards and their complexity. If the total cost of SMT welding is more than or equal to 3000 yuan, the engineering cost can be exempted.

4. SMT welding cost, according to the different requirements of components, we generally directly take the number of pad points in PCB files to calculate, including patch points and DIP plug-in points, which is the total number of points * unit price.

5. Billing method for SMD plug-in processing: 0402-1206 is based on conventional solder joints, with a minimum of 0.008 yuan/point, conventional proofing small batch 0.008-0.015/point, and 0201/BGA is based on special solder joints, with a minimum of 0.02 yuan/point. The DIP plug-in point is 0.035 yuan/point.

6. Urgent fee: It also depends on the number and complexity of boards. The promised exemption is not included, and it is unnecessary to charge for normal delivery.

7. Other fees: Generally, they will not be charged, but there will be charges for such things as PCB production, board copying, steel mesh, special packaging, testing, and cleaning. If we need to test, please remember to provide clamps.

8. For the normal delivery date, the time shall be calculated from the arrival of all materials used for PCB boards, BOM components, steel plates, etc. Due to unavoidable force, the industry standards within the circle shall prevail. The promised time is calculated according to the promised time, and the model is preferred, which will be arranged by the model production line.

How to Control Components in SMT Chip Processing Factory

1、 Environmental regulation

The ambient temperature of the workshop where the temperature and humidity sensing elements are used is 18-28 ℃, and the relative humidity is between 40% - 60%; During storage, the relative humidity of the moisture-proof box is less than 10%, and the temperature is between 18-28 ℃; The materialman shall check the temperature and humidity of the moistureproof box every 4 hours, and register the temperature and humidity values in the Temperature and Humidity Control Table; If the temperature and humidity exceed the specified range, immediately notify the relevant personnel to improve, and take corresponding remedial measures (such as placing desiccant, adjusting the indoor temperature or taking out the components in the faulty moisture-proof box and putting them into the qualified moisture-proof box). The temperature and humidity environment space in each enclosed area of the patch processing plant shall not be opened for more than 5 minutes, so as to ensure that the temperature and humidity conditions can be kept within the control range.

2、 Process Control

1. When removing the vacuum packaging of humidity sensitive elements, SMT chip production line must wear an electrostatic bracelet and gloves, and open the vacuum packaging on a desktop with good electrostatic protection. After disassembly, check whether the humidity card changes meet the requirements (according to the label requirements on the packaging bag). For SMT chip IC that meets the requirements, the Humidity Sensitive Element Control Label shall be affixed on its package.

2. When receiving bulk humidity sensitive elements, the production line shall confirm whether the elements are qualified according to the Control Label for Humidity Sensitive Elements, and the qualified elements shall be used preferentially.

3. After the humidity sensitive element (IC) is unpacked in vacuum, the exposure time in the air before reflow shall not exceed the level and life of the humidity sensitive element.

4. The IC that needs baking and is unqualified shall be handed over to the quality control personnel for rejection and returned to the warehouse.

3、 Control method

1. Incoming inspection - desiccant bag and relative humidity card shall be attached inside the moisture-proof bag, and relevant warning slogans shall be pasted outside the moisture-proof bag. If the packaging is not good, it shall be confirmed and handled by relevant personnel.

2. Material storage - unopened materials shall be stored according to the instructions; If the unsealed materials need to be returned to the warehouse for storage, they should be baked and then put into moisture-proof bags for vacuum sealing; The unsealed materials that are not used immediately shall be temporarily stored in the low-temperature oven.

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3. Online operation - unpack when using, and check and fill in the humidity indicator card at the same time; Fill in the refueling control card and indicate the symbols of temperature and humidity sensitive elements during refueling; The returned materials shall be packaged and stored according to the corresponding requirements after dehumidification according to the storage regulations.

4. Dehumidifying operation - baking conditions and time shall be selected according to the humidity level, environmental conditions and opening time of SMT mounting elements.

Just upload Gerber files, BOM files and design files, and the KINGFORD team will provide a complete quotation within 24h.