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PCB manufacturing
How can PCB boards be widely used?
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How can PCB boards be widely used?

The design of PCB circuit boardmainly refers to the layout design, which requires the layout of internal electronic components, metal wires, through holes and external connections, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation, crosstalk and other factors. Excellent circuit design can save production cost and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation performance. PCB board is the electrical connection provider of electronic components. It has a history of more than 100 years. What are the characteristics of PCB circuit boards that are widely used? Small compilation lists the following points for you:

1. High reliability: Through a series of inspection, test and aging test, it can ensure the long-term and reliable work of PCB circuit board.

2. High density: For decades, the high density of printed boards can be developed with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and installation technology.

3. Producability: With modern management, standardization, scale (quantity), automation and other production can be carried out to ensure the consistency of product quality.

4. Testability: a relatively complete test method, test standards, various test equipment and instruments have been established to test and identify the qualification and service life of PCB products.

5. Designability: the PCB circuit board performance (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) requirements, can be standardized by design, standardization, etc., to achieve the design of printed board, short time, high efficiency.

6. Assemblability: PCB products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also can be automated and large-scale mass production. At the same time, PCB and various component assembly parts can also be assembled into larger parts, systems, until the whole machine.

7. Maintainability: Since PCB circuit board products and various component assembly components are standardized in design and scale production, these components are standardized. So, once the system failure, can be quickly, convenient, flexible replacement, quickly restore the system work.


PCB manufacturer: Do the market sister in the past life are gourd baby!

It is said that PCB manufacturers marketing girl is a arrived at five gourd baby, specializing in the treatment of customers with various difficult and complex diseases, professional mediation factory is not satisfied, in addition, professional typist, "intelligent" calculator and so on has become their best title.

1. Catch up with logistics and move goods.

Marketing girls, scattered jiao, sell cute, temper like a soft girl. But once you get serious, it's easy to put a box of PCBS on the shelf in minutes, and your little arms and legs have accidentally developed biceps.

2. Deal with customers' problems with a far-sighted eye and a smooth ear.

In the face of customers, the girls have to collect all kinds of information for him, such as delivery date, materials, production schedule, logistics situation, so that when customers ask questions, they can answer him one by one. The powerful information collection ability is as good as clairvoyant eyes and wind ears.

3. Staying up late and working overtime is not bad

Received customer orders bombardment, the girls are ecstatic at the same time, but also have to work non-stop to build orders into the system, for customer information problems, but also to coordinate to ask customers. Of course, this is only a small part of their job, other things like customer visits, responding to customer delivery, following up on delivery, and so on, this is the flexible work.

Dexterous and articulate, they also need to work overtime and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. At this time, they are the incarnation of the King Kong is not bad three Wa.

4. In the face of peak season delivery time, mouth fire.

The PCB industry has a peak season every year that everyone loves and hates. In order to meet the delivery date, the girls often engage in a verbal war with the factory. Both soft and hard, after the sound of emotion, the factory had to surrender to cooperate!

5. Big and small customers all eat, satisfaction sucking sucking.

Say the girls have been refined to a high level, even telephone language, customer reception etiquette, email reply language, are one by one with international standards, no wonder we crooked Guoren customers visit to our sister on the thumb.

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