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Why should PCB board use gold plating process?
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Why should PCB board use gold plating process?

In order to solve the above problems of gold-plated plate, the use of gold-plated PCB has the following characteristics:

1. Because the crystal structure formed by sinking gold and gold-plating is different, sinking gold will be more yellow than gold-plating, and customers are more satisfied.

2. Because the crystal structure formed by sinking gold and gold-plating is different, sinking gold is easier to weld than gold-plating, and will not cause poor welding and cause customer complaints.

3. Because the gold plating plate only has nickel gold on the pad, the signal transmission in the skin effect is in the copper layer, which will not affect the signal quality.

4. Because the crystal structure is denser than that of gold plating, it is not easy to produce oxidation.

5. Because the gold plating only has nickel gold on the pad, it will not be produced into gold wire and cause slight shortness.

6. Because the gold plating only has nickel gold on the pad, the welding resistance on the line is more firmly combined with the copper layer.

7. The works will not affect the spacing when making compensation.

8. Because the crystal structure formed by gold plating and gold plating is not the same, the stress of the gold plating plate is easier to control, which is more conducive to the processing of the Bonding products. At the same time, because the gold is softer than the gold, so the gold plate is not wear-resistant gold finger.

9. The flatness and service life of the gold plate is as good as that of the gold plate.

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Keyou circuit board manufacturers how to deal with the new normal economy

This statement about the new normal of the circuit board economy comes out all the time, then what is the new normal of the economy, and what are the characteristics of the new normal of the economy? As a traditional PCB circuit board manufacturer, how to adapt to the new normal economy?


To understand why the term "new normal" was coined, we can make it clear by analyzing the economic situation at that time. In the past 12 years, China's economy has been growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of double digits. However, since then, economic growth has slowed down significantly. The characteristics of high-speed economic growth is strong demand, whereas the slowdown of economic growth is reflected in weak demand. For now, the so-called new normal is simply that the economy has been growing at a much slower rate for quite some time.


If we recognize that the economic slowdown has become a long-term new normal, then the circuit board manufacturers are faced with the long-term normal of slowing demand growth. On the one hand, they should try to adapt to this long-term economic situation, on the other hand, they should actively deal with this economic new normal. Keyou Circuit specializes in the production of PCB circuit board, mainly used in: new energy electric vehicles, module board, industrial control circuit board, medical circuit board, intelligent security PCB board, automotive electronic communication circuit board, etc.


Since economic growth has been slow for a long time, how should circuit board makers adapt to this new growth? The slowdown of demand, there will be uneven orders, sometimes insufficient orders, sometimes the order delivery is very tight, so it can be imagined that this may be the new normal of circuit board manufacturers. In view of this state, the production arrangement of circuit board manufacturers is particularly important, how to control the cost at the same time, improve the market response speed, this is the key to the problem. Circuit board manufacturers are also facing a long - term issue.


How to react positively to the new normal of a slowing economy? The economy as a whole is slowing, but some sectors are growing fast. For example, smart products, automation equipment and other products, whose growth rate exceeds double digits in today's Internet popularization, can realize high growth under the new normal by riding on the ride of these industries. This is also a circuit board manufacturers need to seriously consider a problem.

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