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Maintenance of PCB electroplating equipment and PCB flying pin test
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Maintenance of PCB electroplating equipment and PCB flying pin test

Maintenance of PCB electroplating equipment and PCB flying pin test

Equipment type In the production process of printed circuit boards, there are two main types of electroplating equipment, one is horizontal electroplating line, the other is vertical electroplating line.

These two types of electroplating equipment with different structures are mainly due to the different transportation methods of circuit boards and the different structures of the conveyor board equipment, so the maintenance is slightly different.

Routine maintenance

1 Maintenance of the tank The main difference between the vertical plating line and the horizontal plating line is that the transport mode of the circuit board is different, while the maintenance and servicing methods for the tank are essentially similar. 7d Clean each water washing tank once. Clean the acid washing tank once and replace its solution; Check the spray device in the tank to see if there is any blockage, and dredge the blockage in time; The conductive support on the copper plating bath and tin plating bath and the contact position between anode and live wire can be wiped with rag and polished with sandpaper when cleaning once; Check the titanium basket and tin bar basket of the copper plating bath and tin plating bath once, replace the worn titanium basket bag and tin bar basket, add copper balls and tin bars, and electrolyze the copper plating bath and tin plating bath after adding copper balls and tin bars in 7d.

7d also needs to use high and low current mode for trial production, so that the production can be carried out after the newly added copper balls and tin bars are completed and the production performance is stable. Clean the copper ball and anode bag every 90. Use activated carbon to filter and clean the bath liquid every 120~150d, filter out impurities in the bath liquid and clean the tin bath.

printed circuit boards

2 The maintenance of the vibration mechanism of the vertical electroplating line is on the vertical electroplating. In order to ensure the uniformity of the surface copper and the effect of the hole copper during electroplating, the plate will be vibrated and swayed, and the tank will have a vibration and swaying mechanism.

30d Check the reducer for normal operation and tightness; Check the tightness of the bolts of the vibration mounting motor; Check the wear of the vibration rubber, and replace the severely worn rubber in time.

180d Check the contact condition of the power line in the junction box, tighten the connector in time in case of looseness, replace the power line in time in case of melting or aging of the wire insulation layer, and ensure the insulation between the power lines; All bearings on the vibration mechanism shall be checked once, and the lubricating grease of the last time shall be replaced in time for severely worn bearings.

PCB flying pin test

1、 What PCB is flying pin test?

Flying pin test is one of the methods to check the electrical function of PCB (open and short circuit test). The flight test machine is a system for testing PCB in the manufacturing environment. Instead of using all the traditional bed of rails interfaces on the traditional online testing machine, the flying probe test uses four to eight independently controlled probes to move to the components under test. The UUT (unit under test) is transmitted to the testing machine by belt or other UUT transmission systems. Then fix, and the probe of the tester contacts the test pad and access hole to test the single element of the UUT. The test probe is connected to the driver (signal generator, power supply, etc.) and sensor (digital multimeter, frequency counter, etc.) through the multiplex system to test the components on the UUT. When a component is being tested, other components on the UUT are electrically shielded through the probe to prevent reading interference. The flying probe tester can check short circuit, open circuit and component value. A camera is also used in the flying probe test to help find missing components. Use the camera to check the shape of components with clear direction, such as polar capacitance. With the probe positioning accuracy and repeatability reaching the range of 5-15 microns, the flying probe tester can accurately detect UUT.

2、 Advantages of flying probe test:

The flying pin test has solved a lot of existing problems seen in PCB assembly: if possible, the test and development cycle can be as long as 4-6 weeks; Fixture development cost of about USD 10000 - USD 50000; Can not economically test small batch production; And can not quickly test prototype assembly. Because of the ability to closely contact the shielded UUT and the ability to bring new products to the market faster, flying probe testing is an invaluable production resource. In addition, since there is no need for experienced test and development engineers, the system also has the advantages of saving manpower and time.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers, and PCBA manufacturers will explain the maintenance of PCB electroplating equipment and PCB flying pin test.

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