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Influence of Fingerprint on FPC Production and Precautions for Proofing
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Influence of Fingerprint on FPC Production and Precautions for Proofing

FPC circuit board proofing is to determine whether the produced circuit board has problems and whether the required functions can be achieved before mass production. It is very important to avoid problems in the later period, resulting in scrapping and increasing costs.


As an engineer group, precautions for FPC PCB proofing include:

1. It is necessary to select reasonable proofing quantity according to different situations to reduce costs.

2. Specially confirm the devICe packaging to avoid the failure of proofing due to packaging errors.

3. Carry out a comprehensive electrical inspection on FPC circuit board to improve its electrical performance.

4. Complete signal integrity layout, reduce noise and improve the stability of PCB.

As a manufacturer, FPC proofing needs the following ideas:

1. Carefully check relevant FPC documents to avoid data problems.

2. Carry out overall process approval and process configuration with the manufacturer.

3. Communicate with customers in depth, understand customer requirements and precautions in detail, and prevent mistakes.

During the production process of FPC, if you do not touch the circuit board with your fingers, it will cause oxidation, which is very easy to lead to scrapping; Because fingerprints are full of sweat and dirt, these ingredients are some carbonates and human fat. Now let the engineer tell you how the finger print will affect the production?

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1. Touching FPC Flexible circuit board with fingers will cause chEMIcal change of copper in the board in a short time, which will lead to copper oxidation; If there are fingerprints in the electroplating process, the coating will be uneven, which will cause serious consequences on the appearance of the goods.

2. Before resistance welding, finger contact with FPC board surface will cause poor adhesion of welding.

3. After welding the gold plate, touch the surface of the gold plate with bare hands until the pre packaging step is completed, which will result in the inability to clean the plate surface and poor weldability.

4. The route of printing wet film or silk screen printing ink has fingerprint identification grease on the surface of the circuit board, which is easy to reduce the adhesion of the dry/wet film, cause separation of electroplating and coating during the electroplating process, and gold plating is easy to cause the board to have texture, which will lead to oxidation of the board surface after welding.

The above is the impact of the finger print on FPC production that the engineer explained to you in detail. During the processing of the FPC flexible circuit board of Cassirer Electronics, the management personnel must carry finger cots to get the board, which greatly reduces the maintenance rate and improves the work efficiency.