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PCB Design
PCB design and customer appearance design production process  ​
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PCB design and customer appearance design production process ​

PCB design and customer appearance design production process

Good PCB design is one thing, but creating shells and interfaces for products is another. If the two are incompatible, it may cause customer complaints, or even lead to insuffICient sales. The contract manufacturing cooperation with your PCB assembly and box manufacturing can bring many benefits. Since most contract manufacturers have experience in many different product lines and customers, they may be able to identify problems before they occur. You should find a trustworthy contract manufacturer and be very careful when handling and assembling electronic product parts.

Finding the right CM means you can avoid dealing with multiple suppliers, saving time and headaches. Having a single supplier also means that they will be able to see for themselves how all components are assembLED and interact.

What will your CM need for the box building project

After completing due diligence and selecting CM, they will need several documents to quote and build your product. The more detailed your instructions are, the easier it will be for them to describe what needs to be done to complete the build. First, make sure to include the following:

Assembly drawing


Electrical schematic diagram

Wiring list

Test/programming requirements

Unit example (if possible)

circuit boards

Of course, you can use less resources to build products, but the more information you provide, the less you need to go back and forth. This will ultimately help you deliver products to your hands faster, and then to customers. Providing enough information will help avoid confusion and build successful partnerships! PCB processing factory explains PCB design and customer appearance design and production process, good PCB design.

How will the prestigious CM build your electronic device enclosure?

Once your CM understands your requirements, they should have appropriate processes in place to ensure the success of the project. Before all parts are installed into the shell, there should be checkpoints to analyze the progress and function of the parts. This applies to circuit boards, wiring, programming, testing and any other special requirements. Some steps included in the box building process are as follows:

PCB manufacturing, parts procurement, assembly and PCB testing

Testing and manufacturing of wire and cable harnesses

Enclosure manufacturing and quality control

Assemble the unit from the bottom up. This may include connecting/installing multiple circuit boards, bolting components, and connecting point-to-point wiring and harnesses.

Utilize customer's manufacturing specifications at each specified step.

Evaluate the necessary screw positions, torque requirements, routing, labels, continuity test points, etc. for each level. CM will test/inspect the equipment before proceeding to the next level of assembly.

Repeat for each assembly level.

A final evaluation is performed before installing the top cover.

Test the equipment to ensure that all content passes, and repair all failed content.

Final inspection



In the final stage, a good CM will consider all your specifications and create special pass/fail criteria for the QC team. This ensures that your product runs as expected and is ready to ship to you and your customers. Having a good CM will mean reducing delays in the final steps of manufacturing.

When you have multiple suppliers to deal with your project, due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of your products, things may be accidentally ignored. Things that look a little shorter than the cable specification (such as cable components) may cause bottlenecks in the entire process. These errors are often unexpected and costly. PCB processing factory explains PCB design and customer appearance design and production process, good PCB design.

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