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What is the concept and content of cleaner production in PCB production?
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What is the concept and content of cleaner production in PCB production?

What is the concept and content of cleaner production in PCB production?
The materials used by enterprises in the production of PCB processing contain many harmful substances, and many harmful substances will also be produced in the production process, especially the "three wastes", whICh will cause great harm to the environment. If you let it go, it will not only have a serious impact on the sustainable development of the social economy, but also cause great harm to the human body. Therefore, for the PCB production industry, from the beginning of product design to the whole process of pcb manufacturing and use, we must strictly control the materials, improve the production process, adopt advanced pollution-free or low pollution technologies, strictly monitor and scientifically control the "three wastes" generated in PCB electroplating and chEMIcal production, and strengthen the clean production management of PCB, These are related to the survival of the production enterprises of pcb processing plants.
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The concept and content of cleaner production in PCB processing Cleaner production includes cleaner production process and cleaner production products. In the concept of cleaner production, it includes not only technical feasibility, but also economic profitability. It should fully reflect the unity of economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.

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1. The concept of cleaner production Cleaner production refers to the continuous application of the environmental strategy of comprehensive prevention to the production process and products to reduce the harm to human beings and the living environment. For the production process, cleaner production includes saving raw materials and energy, eliminating toxic raw materials, and reducing the quantity and toxicity of all emissions and wastes before leaving the production process; For products, cleaner production strategy refers to reducing the impact of products on human environment in the whole life cycle, from the processing of raw materials to the final disposal of products. Clean production is realized by applying special technologies, improving processes and changing management. The purpose of cleaner production is to realize rational utilization of resources and slow down the depletion of resources through comprehensive utilization of resources, substitution of scarce resources, utilization of secondary energy, energy conservation, water conservation and material saving; In the production process, reduce or eliminate the generation and emission of pollutants and wastes, promote the compatibility of PCB industrial production and product consumption process with the environment, and reduce the harm of the entire production cycle to human beings and the living environment. circuit board
2. The goal of cleaner production in PCB processing plants is to "save energy, reduce consumption, make comprehensive use, reduce pollution and increase efficiency"; Strengthen training, improve employees' ideological awareness and technical quality of cleaner production, strengthen production management, rely on technical progress, adopt reasonable and practical technology and other measures; Based on the principle of treating pollution first, try not to use or use less harmful substances, so as to minimize the generation and discharge of pollutants in the production process and make waste in the production process resourceful.
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