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Fast detection of PCB board fault method
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Fast detection of PCB board fault method

PC8 production is not difficult, the difficulty lies in the production of fault troubleshooting. Whether it is an individual hobbyist or an industrial engineer, it is quite difficult to debug PCB circuit boards when they encounter problems, just like programmers encounter bugs.

Some people have a strong interest in debugging PCB circuit board, like programmers in solving bugs, common PCB circuit board problems and many, common problems in addition to circuit board design, damage to electronic components, circuit short circuit, quality of components, PCB circuit board fault is not a few.

Common PCB circuit board faults are mainly concentrated in components. Above, for example, capacitor, resistor, inductor, diode, audion, field effect tube, etc., the obvious damage of integrated chip and crystal oscillator, and the more intuitive way to judge the failure of these components can be observed through the eyes. The surface of the electronic components with obvious damage has obvious cautery marks. Such faults can be solved directly by replacing the faulty component with a new one.

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Of course, not all the damage of electronic components can be observed with the naked eye, such as the above mentioned resistance, capacitor, two triode, etc., in some cases the damage is not visible from the surface, the need to use professional inspection. For maintenance, multimeter and capacitor meter are commonly used for inspection. If the voltage or current of an electronic component is detected outside the normal range, it indicates that there is a problem with the component or the preceding component. Directly replace it and check whether it is normal.

If a component is broken, it can be detected no matter by eye observation or instrument detection. However, sometimes when we put components on PCB board, there will be no problem detected, but the circuit board cannot work normally. Many novices have no choice but to build a new board or buy one. In fact, in many cases, components in the installation process, because of the coordination of each component, there may be unstable performance.

In this case, the instrument has been unable to play a helpful role, you can try to judge the possible range of fault according to the current and voltage, as far as possible to reduce, experienced engineers may be able to judge the fault area quickly, but the specific component which is broken is not 100% sure. The only option is to try to replace the suspect component until the faulty component is found. Last year, my laptop motherboard water, in the repair of the master also encountered the detection of the fault, and in the repair process replaced three components, respectively power supply chip, diode, USB charging component (notebook blue jack that, off state can charge the device), and finally through a wave detection and investigation to replace the suspicious chip, Finally determined that a component on the side of the south bridge chip short-circuited.

Of course, since the PCB circuit board is the base of the components, then the circuit board fault must also exist, the simplest example is the dead tin plating part, because of the production process, in the process of PCB corrosion, there may be a broken line. In this case, if you can't fill the line, you can only use fine copper wire flying line.

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