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Application advantage and test analysis of FPC soft board in electronic products
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Application advantage and test analysis of FPC soft board in electronic products

FPC soft board is flexible printing board, can be widely used in communication products, computers, consumer electronics, cameras, automobiles and other fields, its functions can be divided into lead circuit, printed circuit, printer, multifunctional integration system. As the traditional hard board material is hard, it can not adapt to the development of miniaturization, high density and lightweight of electronic products, and FPC soft board is not only a flexible circuit board, but also an important material connected into three-dimensional circuit structure, so it is very popular in the design of electronic products.

Among consumer electronics products, smart phones are in great demand for FPC softboards, which are used in hardware such as batteries, screens and camera modules. FPC soft board has the following advantages:

1. With high flexibility, it can reduce the volume of the product and change the shape according to the space limitation

2. Can be three-dimensional wiring, folding and winding, conducive to product design, but also reduce assembly time and errors

3. Stable chemical performance, can improve the service life of products, prevent static interference, safe and reliable

4. It has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, fire resistance, good heat dissipation performance, multiple functions and low cost

5. Can achieve miniaturization, thin, lightweight, in line with the development characteristics of electronic products, can achieve the integration of components and wire connection

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In the era of full screen of smart phones, the application of LCD/OLED and AMOLED screens as the main display panel, the replacement of physical buttons with virtual buttons, and the application of fingerprint recognition scheme under the screen have greatly increased the consumption of FPC soft board in mobile phones. FPC soft board saves the interior space of smart phones to a certain extent, making the assembly and processing of the interior of mobile phones more flexible. With the release of foldable phones, the usage of FPC softboard also increases with the expansion of foldable screens, and the usage and value of FPC softboard in a single phone are constantly growing.

Newly emerging smart wearable devices, such as smart wristbands, smart watches and smart glasses, also need FPC soft board. In VR glasses, FPC soft board is used in nine applications. The small and flexible FPC soft board is highly compatible with smart wearable devices. The development of wearable products will also greatly promote the demand for FPC soft board, making the growth rate of FPC soft board faster.

FPC soft board has excellent characteristics and broad market development space, for the FPC board quality, material, performance test, is conducive to improve the FPC soft board manufacturing technology and reduce the loss of materials and environmental pollution. The test requires some necessary equipment, such as a high-current shrapnel microneedle module that can transmit current, to establish a stable connection for the FPC soft board test.

The basic test criteria of FPC soft board are as follows: 1. The appearance of substrate film surface and covering layer; 2. 2. The deviation between the connecting disk and the covering layer, the flow penetration of the binder and the covering layer, and the discoloration of the conductor under the covering layer; 3. Temperature resistance, moisture resistance, voltage resistance, bending resistance, welding resistance whether meet the requirements; 4. Poor combination of plating, coating layer leakage coating and so on.

FPC board voltage test needs to be connected to the circuit, test its current transmission capacity and the ability to withstand voltage, large current shrapnel microneedle module as a connection module, can be in the range of 1-50A, current transmission and conduction, strong over current ability, but also has stable connectivity. The large current shrapnel micronal module after gold-plating process not only has strong conductivity, but also has a reliable coping mode in the field of small pitch. It can adapt to the pitch value between 0.15mm-0.4mm, contact stability and not stuck pin, and the average service life can reach more than 20w times. There is no need to change frequently during testing, which effectively saves time and material costs. The high current shrapnel microneedle module has the advantages of low production difficulty, fast delivery time, long service life and stable performance. It can effectively improve the test efficiency and increase the output of FPC soft board testing.

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