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pcb four - layer board price calculation formula
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pcb four - layer board price calculation formula

PCB is an important electronIC component, which is the carrier of electrical interconnection of electronIC components. Many people are very confused about how to calculate the price of PCB four-layer board, so the following Xiaobian will take you to understand.

The price of pcb four-layer board is diverse:


1. Different manufacturing materials lead to the diversity of prices.

2. Different surface treatment processes lead to the diversity of prices

3. The different thickness of copper foil leads to the diversity of prices

4. Different quality acceptance standards lead to price diversity

5. The mold fee is different from the test rack, resulting in the diversity of price

6. Different order quantity and delivery time lead to the diversity of prices


Different requirements, the price is not the same, the specific or to see the data to determine the final price.

How to calculate the price of pcb four-layer board

Double layer board price =(Length * width *0.12* quantity + length * width *0.12*4+80)/ quantity

Four-layer plate price =(Length * width *0.6* quantity + length * width *0.12*6+1500+300)/ quantity

Six-layer plate price =(Length * width *0.8* quantity + length * width *0.12*8+1800+300)/ quantity

pcb four - layer board price where cheap

In the current physical difficult environment, the price of the product is a more concerned issue for buyers and business owners, the electronic industry pcb is the same, so where is the price of pcb four-layer board cheap, the following Xiaobian to say in detail.

pcb four layer board price


The price of PCB four-layer board is composed of the following factors:

I. Materials

Take the common double panel for example, the board is generally FR-4, CEM-3, etc., the board thickness varies from 0.6mm to 3.0mm, the copper thickness varies from 1Oz to 3Oz, all of these in the board item caused a huge price difference; In the welding ink, there is a certain price difference between ordinary thermosetting oil and photosensitive green oil, so the different materials cause the diversity of prices.


Ii. Process

Different production processes result in different costs. Such as gold-plated plate and spray tin plate, the production of shape gong (milling) plate and beer (punching) plate, the use of silk screen line and dry film line will form different costs, leading to the diversity of prices.

Three, the degree of difficulty


Even if the material is the same, the process is the same, but the difficulty of PCB itself will cause different costs. If there are 1000 holes on both types of circuit boards, the hole diameter of one board is greater than 0.6mm and that of the other board is less than 0.6mm, different drilling costs will be formed; If the other two kinds of circuit boards are the same, but the line width and line distance are different, one is greater than 0.2mm, one is less than 0.2mm, it will also cause different production costs, because the difficult board scrap rate is higher, the cost will increase, and then cause the diversity of price.


4. Special requirements

The level of customer requirements will directly affect the finished product rate of the board factory, for example, a board according to IPC-A-600E, 98% qualified rate, but according to the class3 requirements may only 90% qualified rate, resulting in different costs of the board factory, and finally lead to the variable product price.


Five, manufacturer positioning

Even if the same product, but because different manufacturers process equipment, technical level is different, will form different costs, many manufacturers like to produce gold plate, because the process is SIMple, low cost, but also some manufacturers produce gold plate, scrap that rise, resulting in higher costs, so they would rather produce tin spray plate, Thus their spray tin plate price is lower than the gold plate.


Vi. Terms of Payment

At present, PCB board manufacturers generally adjust PCB prices according to different payment methods, with a range of 5%-10%, which also causes the difference in price.


Seven, different regions

At present, from the geographical position of the domestic, from the north to the south, the price is increasing, different regional prices have a certain difference, so regional different also caused the diversity of the price how to calculate PCB quotation!


1. Sheet cost (Different sheet cost is different)

2. Drilling costs (the number and size of holes affect drilling costs)

3. Process cost (different process requirements of boards lead to different process difficulties and even different prices)

4, artificial water and electricity plus management costs (this cost depends on the cost control of various factories, relatively speaking, Taiwan-funded factories on the low multinational) the basic composition of these, as for the price of raw materials, now basically stable, the possibility of price increases is unlikely.


The above is the impact of pcb four-layer board price of the seven major factors, as for pcb four-layer board price where cheap, here Xiaobian recommend Shenzhen Chengxuan circuit Technology Co., LTD., the company now has vibrant, professional and technical experience in the production of more than 300 employees, senior management and engineers more than 80. Professional and technical personnel above college and secondary school accounted for 43%.


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