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Artificial intelligence PCBA processing industry transformation
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Artificial intelligence PCBA processing industry transformation


ArtifICial intelligence PCBA processing industry transformation
Affected by the strong support of the state for the integrated circuit industry, China's PCBA industry will also benefit and maintain a good momentum of development, but it will also face some difficulties For example, the high-speed growth of upstream PCBs and components will inevitably eliminate some weak links in PCBA factories, A well developed PCBA factory will continue to develop and resources will continue to be integrated Today, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the PCBA processing industry has begun a new generation of transformation;
In an age when machines are not intelligent, human wisdom can only make up for it. However, people's physical strength is limited and they are prone to fatigue. People's intelligence and skills are different, and their psychological state cannot be controlLED. More importantly, many problems are limited to human discrimination and cannot be solved, such as the key components of machines. What is a composite force? Can environmental vibration cause machining quality problems? When the dust in the workshop will explode, etc.
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Therefore, people have been expecting that some "intelligence" elements outside the human body can participate in the PCBA processing and manufacturing activities. Whether they are SIMilar to human or other biological intelligence elements, add them to the machine, production environment or production process, so that the entire manufacturing activity can meet the needs: all state information can be obtained in real time and quickly, and all decisions are appropriate and timely, All product feature changes (individual needs) can be fully satisfied As the key enabling technology for the transformation of intelligent manufacturing in manufacturing industry, the development of artificial intelligence not only endows intelligent manufacturing, but also provides a new way for the evolution of machine role from "labor tool" to "labor partner"“
At present, PCBA manufacturing company is increasingly digitalizing and intelligentizing its operation and production processes, from raw material procurement, production and manufacturing to product sales and circulation. The continuous accumulation of data and the continuous development and maturity of data calculation and model provide opportunities for artificial intelligence to integrate into the manufacturing industry, thus promoting the transformation of enterprises from traditional production to intelligent production. The company can use sensors and SMArt chips in the entire workshop to process and analyze the fully connected data in the production process, so as to improve production efficiency, inventory turnover, equipment utilization and other key quotas. At the sales level, through the mining, calculation and analysis of massive transaction data, artificial intelligence can develop automated and intelligent production plans for enterprises; At the production level, through the collection and analysis of product data and production equipment data, artificial intelligence realized intelligent diagnosis of production equipment and product quality, and improved product yield; At the circulation level, sensors deployed on products can collect product status data in a timely manner to provide decision-making support for the enterprise's production process, as well as predictive maintenance and repair services.
Qizhong Electronics focuses on one-stop services, such as SMT chip processing electronIC components, PCBA casting materials, original equipment manufacturers, DIP companies, ODM, etc The company has a strong R&D team, which currently has about 200 employees and an independent dust-free workshop, introduced international advanced production equipment and testing equipment such as the Desen DSP-800 full-automatic printing machine, Panasonic CM602L high-speed chip mounter, Panasonic DT401 universal machine, Zhenhua Star AOI-VCTA-A410 detector, Jintuo NK-350II wave soldering, Jintuo ES-800 reflow soldering, which has strong order receiving ability and high working efficiency;

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