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How to calculate the cost of Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory
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How to calculate the cost of Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory

How to calculate the cost of Shenzhen high frequency board Factory

circuit board manufacturers, circuit board designers and PCBA manufacturers explain how Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory calculates costs

How does Shenzhen high frequency board Factory calculate the cost? In fact, the cost is generally calculated through different processes, different material processing and other comprehensive factors, and the quotation is generally calculated in square meters. Of course, the prICe of some special customized materials and processes will increase or decrease accordingly, which are all subject to cost accounting. So, how should the cost of high-frequency circuit board be calculated? Now let's share with you.

Cost=material+labor+manufacturing cost, which high-frequency plate materials include?

Generally, people who have seen Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory or who have done High Frequency Circuit Boards know that the process of high frequency circuit boards is long, and there is a lot of room to control the production cost. Production cost includes: raw material control; Water and electricity control; Scrap rate control; Process control, etc.

1. Raw material control

For the same high-frequency circuit board, whoever can use the least materials to complete it will have the lowest production cost. To control the least materials is to control its rework rate and the waste rate of employees. Although many high-frequency circuit board factories have PMC departments to limit the production of materials, this is a way to address the symptoms but not the root cause. If the materials are not enough, the production can not be stopped. Finally, it must be sent to him to really solve the problem, It also depends on the proficiency of employees. The management ability of the supervisor, the design of the process, a strict management system and a reasonable operation mode. It will reduce many human errors. It is suggested that some key positions should be completed by experienced employees! For example: production supervisor; Planning director; MI engineer, etc!

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2. Hydropower control

It is very important to make rational use of water and electricity, especially in the peak season when there is often a shortage of electricity. Many places adopt power limitation control. When the machine is not in use, it must be stopped, such as lamps, etching, drilling/gong machines and other equipment. Planned production and reasonable use of electricity can reduce large costs. The management of production planners should be skilLED in the process flow, closely cooperate with the production and MARKeting departments, and communicate frequently to get timely information, so as to reasonably arrange the production plan!

3. Scrap rate control

It is indeed a pity to scrap high-frequency circuit boards. Especially, copper plates in the market have soared, materials have risen, and profits of Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory have declined. If the scrap rate is too high, it will undoubtedly worsen the enterprise economy. How to control scrap rate! This requires us to find a better operation system and management system to tolerate the negligence of employees and the instability of materials. We can control the scrap rate from the following aspects:

(1) Constantly introduce new technologies and seek the most reasonable working mode to tolerate employees' mistakes.

(2) QAMRB (scrapping reviewer) is an important person. It is up to him to judge whether the board should be scrapped. He must have a high sense of responsibility and be familiar with all processes. If the boards that can be saved are judged as scrapped, it is undoubtedly a waste. If the boards that cannot be saved are deemed qualified by other boards and continue to the next process, it will waste the raw materials of the subsequent process.

(3) Enhance employees' awareness, and let them understand that high-frequency circuit boards are valuable things, which must be handled with care at any time. Don't let them feel that our products are cheap boards or garbage boards, so naturally they won't treat them as treasures. Just as we require the posture of holding high-frequency circuit boards, we must hold the board edges with two hands. We don't say that this will benefit the quality of high-frequency circuit board factories, This posture alone can make people feel the preciousness of the circuit board!

(4) Let every employee know the monthly scrap rate, and let them feel the benefits brought to them by the reduced scrap rate! Frequently summarize the reasons for scrapping and know how our boards are scrapped.

A good high frequency circuit board is based on the material selection and the need to do every process carefully and carefully, without carelessness. The material cost and process precision also determine the final quotation of the high frequency circuit board. PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA processors will explain how Shenzhen High Frequency Board Factory calculates costs.

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