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Industry news
PCB maintenance plan
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PCB maintenance plan

PCB maintenance plan
Not long ago, China built 50 tons of sEMI submersible ships, and Yantai commissioned 10000 tons of semi submersible ships. The localization rate reached 87%, whICh is another major innovation in China's shipbuilding industry Semi submersible ship is a special ocean ship specially used to transport super long ships, which is super heavy and cannot be separated and transported Most of their services are large offshore oil drilling platforms, large ships, submarines, gantry cranes, and prefabricated bridge components Only in a literal sense, a semi submersible is a complete auxiliary ship This is a transport ship, but because of a report, it is closely related to national military compliance and military strategy As long as national military strategy is involved, it is very important to reduce security risks and complete localization There are many ways to improve the localization, but only the digestion and absorption of PCB Chimelong can make rapid innovation and upgrading
Development Opportunities of Domestic Semi submersible Ships
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On May 26, China's Military Strategy clearly put forward the concept of "overseas stakeholder field" for the first time, and pointed out that international cooperation in the field of overseas stakeholders should be strengthened to safeguard the security of overseas interests. This requires a strong military presence in specific areas. In order to maintain the normal operation of the military presence, it is necessary to transport materials from time to time through the economic method of semi submersible ships. Based on this, countries around the world began to design and build semi submersible ships, which brings another opportunity for the development of semi submersible ship related equipment and core components.
At present, there are only more than 10 and 50 semi submersibles, 1000 tons or more in the world Although our country has established 50, 1000 ton semi submersible ships, marine electric propulsion drive system and other core technologies are imported from abroad On the contrary, there is still room for improvement in the core technology and military applications of domestic semi submersibles PCB Jilong, also known as PCB copy, PCB analogy, PCB reverse design, etc After the application of reverse research, it can copy any high-end equipment and central equipment of Hieron, and select a full set of technologies, such as PCB files, BOM lists, and schematics Consumer goods After these materials, we can stop re innovation research, PCB change board development, lack of upgrade, chip decryption and encryption, and secondary development of functional prototypes (including secondary development of software programs and secondary development of hardware functions) and so on
Where are the semi submersibles in China?
Of course, the design of PCB panels for semi submersible ships is not only a random innovation, but also a core concern based on the specific needs of a specific period. When it comes to the core technology of semi submersible ships, people first think of the intelligent control technology of semi submersible ships, which can achieve digital remote control of the entire ship and real-time visual communication between the ship and the coast. These advanced technologies are of great significance to large-scale military operations and material transportation, and are also the development direction of domestic semi submersible ships. Second, gradually improve the technology of electric propulsion. Power is related to speed, which determines the battlefield situation to a certain extent. In this regard, improving the automation level of the power system as well as the engine power and propeller power will be the common goal of domestic semi submersible ships in the future. Third, strengthen the practical application in the military field. At present, semi submersible ships have two military purposes: to transport submarines, surface ships and other combat weapons; As an offshore terminal, rapid maintenance is carried out at sea.
The actual situation is that the central components of domestic semi submersible ships are highly dependent on imports, and their application in the military field is not sufficient The main performance is that the efficiency of precise transportation and rapid loading and unloading is not high enough; Marine maintenance is limited to SMAll tonnage surface combat ships Therefore, it is very important to stop PCB maintenance, upgrading and maintenance of central components of domestic semi submersible ships It is understood that the leader of domestic reverse engineering, the core of the century, has long studied and theorized, mastered the detaiLED scientific and technological principles and complete sets of data of various mechanical and electrical equipment for semi submersible ships, laid the foundation for a full set of internal automation systems, and successfully completed the development and development of a number of large-scale system projects The analogy of the electromechanical control equipment of the system is Kelong, which can stop regular upgrading and develop a routine maintenance plan

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