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PCB manufacturers tell you how to become an excellent electronic engineer
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PCB manufacturers tell you how to become an excellent electronic engineer

PCB manufacturers tell you how to become an excellent electronIC engineer

The domestic research on the automatic detection system of printed circuit board started in the middle school of the 1990s, and has just started. There are few research institutes engaged in this field, and because of the influence of various factors, the research on automatic optical detection system for PCB defects also stays at a relatively early level. Because the automatic detection system for printed circuit boards in foreign countries is too expensive, and there is no real automatic detection equipment for printed circuit boards in China, most domestic manufacturers of printed circuit boards still use manual magnifier or projector for inspection.

How to Become a Real Electronic Engineer

The best answer is to study hard

The circuit principle is the most basic. To become a student of electronics, you must learn

Analog circuits are difficult to learn but very useful, especially for circuit engineers. The understanding of analog circuits depends on experience

printed circuit board

The digital circuit is very SIMple. The threshold is low, but it is flexible

Signals and systems are mainly theoretical analysis and calculation of some signals, which are closely related to communication and mathematics. If you want to develop towards communication, you should focus on learning

Without the theoretical basis of signal processing DSP communication, it is impossible to develop communication circuits

There are other courses that belong to a more subdivided direction. It is necessary to determine which one of the electronic engineers you want to be. Electronic engineers are generally divided into hardware engineers and software engineers

Hardware and software are inseparable, and hardware needs software to execute its program to achieve specific functions.

Software needs hardware as the carrier.

Hardware engineer: mainly understand the knowLEDge of circuit, know the function and principle of common electronIC components, be able to use electronic measuring tools, be able to use electronic production tools, and be able to assemble, test, and maintain production processes. It is a combination of technology and manual operation.

Software engineer: proficient in circuit knowledge, analog circuit, digital circuit, circuit diagram analysis, circuit diagram design, PCB production, understanding the principle, purpose and model of various electronic components, proficient in microcontroller development technology, able to use programming language (assembly language, C language), skilled in using computers as an auxiliary design tool, and able to use common design software easily. Be able to analyze circuit faults, debug and detect products.

PCB manufacturers, PCB designers and PCBA manufacturers will explain how to become excellent electronic engineers.

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