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Special Process of High Temperature Resistant Mica PCB
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Special Process of High Temperature Resistant Mica PCB

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1、 Introduction to processing products of high-temperature resistant mica board profiled PCB

High temperature resistant mica board has excellent high temperature resistance and insulation performance, with high temperature resistance up to 1000. It has good cost performance in high temperature resistant insulation materials.

High temperature resistant mica plate has excellent electrical insulation performance, and the voltage breakdown resistance index of ordinary products is as high as


pcb board

High temperature resistant mica plate has excellent bending strength and processing performance. The product has high bending strength and excellent toughness. It can be processed into various special-shaped parts without layering by lathe, milling machine and drill.

High temperature resistant mica board has excellent environmental protection performance. The product does not contain asbestos, and it emits less smoke and odor when heated, so it is smokeless and tasteless.

2、 Special processing method of high temperature resistant mica plate

1. Drilling

This is a common processing method in factories. Whether PCB testing jigs or PCB later disposal will go through "drilling". Larger PCB factories usually set up their own drill rooms. The drill rooms are usually close to the jigs, and the work of the drill rooms is not easy. However, compared with the self use, the consumables and equipment used in the drill rooms are usually special drills, drill nozzles, rubber particles, wood pads, aluminum pads, etc. The loss of drill nozzles and pads is huge, Many small companies usually make a lot of money by supplying drill bits and milling cutters to a factory;

In addition, the common way to drill holes is the new LED lampshade retention insulating parts. As an energy-saving industry, LED has received a lot of popularity in recent years, and LED is composed of many small lamps. This feature has widened the application scope of insulating boards again. Generally, the processing method of LED retention insulating parts is to drill holes and then make a circle. The processing method is relatively simple and the market is huge, but it is characterized by low level and low profits;

2. Computer gong

Computer gongs are called in Guangdong and Hong Kong. To put it more plainly, they are CNC or numerical control, or PCB machining centers. In fact, they are all of the same meaning. Computer gongs have very powerful functions, which can be divided into plane gongs and bevel gongs (or curved surfaces). The scope of bevel gongs is relatively small, while plane computer gongs are very common, such as insulating gaskets, insulating rods, The computer gong is used to process epoxy plates for small workpieces such as Youxing wheel. The computer gong is sensitive, fast and powerful, which is a good and commonly used processing method at present;

3. PCB slitting

This is a common and common PCB processing method in the market. Ordinary stores have a board cutter to cut boards, and this is usually relatively rough. The tolerance can be controlled within 5 mm. It is scary to say. I have seen many stores or companies in Dongguan that make epoxy boards. Companies that have been doing this for more than 5 years are still using a board cutter welded by angle iron to cut boards. Dongguan is known as the capital of manufacturing. It seems that it is really a small skill, There is no technical content in this way, but sometimes it makes a lot of money. For example, if it is calculated normally, one and a half pieces are divided into 8 pieces, which is a little wasteful. However, those stores that sell boards have a way to divide one piece into 10 pieces. If the amount is large, the profit will be very observable;

4. Milling machine/lathe

Products produced by this PCB processing method,

They are usually parts and components. Because milling machines and lathes are originally used for processing hardware parts, but the slow processing speed of ordinary milling machines and lathes is a major feature, so if this epoxy plate processing method is used exclusively, the company's life will be greatly reduced. However, these two types of equipment are necessary for making jigs, that is, if thick epoxy plates are processed, Milling machines and lathes are the only choice.

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