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Do you know what difficulties pcb proofing will encounter
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Do you know what difficulties pcb proofing will encounter

Printed circuit board is generally called circuit board. Printed circuit board proofing refers to producing a small number of samples for testing before mass production, which also answers the question of pcb proofing sold in the market. Many electronic product manufacturers will find some professional PCB proofing manufacturers to cooperate, so what difficulties do they often need to pay attention to in the whole process of PCB proofing?

Pay attention to the total number of samples.

Before large-scale burning, enterprises usually need to make a batch of PCB samples for testing, which actually takes up part of the cost of the enterprise. If the enterprise is large in scale and produces many types of PCBs, the cost of PCB proofing and testing will be considerable. Therefore, in the whole process of PCB proofing, enterprises should pay close attention to the total number of proofing. Now the cost of pcb proofing has been very low. pcb factories are all priced by cost to sample single and double boards for customers. Generally, the cost of a four ply board is about 50 yuan. It takes about 200 yuan to produce good pcb samples in three days.

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The second is to determine the packaging of PCB components.

It is a technological process of pcb manufacturing process to weld integrated ic with special effect on pcb by electric welding method and package it with shielding cover. During the whole process of PCB proofing, the trustee should pay special attention to whether the internal integrated ic and electronic components are soldered incorrectly during packaging. In order to ensure the quality of PCB proofing, all normal verification functions can be played and industrial production can be carried out in the future.

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The third is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of electrical equipment.

The company should conduct a comprehensive electrical equipment inspection later to ensure that each link and each key point of the PCB board are checked, which is the practical significance of PCB proofing, and is the guarantee of whether the PCB board has large-scale mass production and extremely low unqualified rate afterwards. It is suggested that the entrusting party should cooperate with the sampling party to inspect the electrical equipment in an all-round way.

Maybe there are still some signal integrity, reasonable PCB layout, etc. that must be paid attention to and handled with each other, but in general, the problems to be paid attention to in PCB proofing are probably the above categories. Although there are also many questions about the significance of pcb proofing in the sales market, as an expert in the industry, sorting out and checking many of the problems mentioned in a comprehensive way is the basis for ensuring the quality of pcb proofing and large-scale production and manufacturing in the later period. We must take PCB proofing seriously.

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