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rigid PCB

Flexible PCB vs Rigid PCB

Flexible PCB (also known globally as flex circuit, flexible printed circuit board, flex print, flex circuit) is a member of the electronics and interconnect family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film to which a conductive circuit pattern is fi

The advantages and usage rules of rigid-flex PCB

This article will discuss what rigid-flex PCBs are, the advantages of using them, and the rules for designing applications using them. In electronics, we sometimes encounter new technologies that seem to originate from the past. Rigid-flex PCB technology

Where are rigid PCBs used?

Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, Heart Monitors, CAT Scans, MRI Systems, Aircraft Cockpit Instruments, Temperature Sensors, Control Tower Instruments, etc...

What are the characteristics of rigid PCB?

Rigid PCB is a regular PCB, it cannot be like Flexi PCB because rigid PCB cannot be twisted or folded into any shape because it has FR4 reinforcement which is very useful for increasing stiffness. Rigid PCBs are cheaper than flexible PCBs. They are tradit

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