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Production testing of solid-state silver disks

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In the production process of solid-state drives, it is necessary to pass Nandflash Testing (NT) flash memory testing, Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) engineering verification testing/Design Verification Testing (DVT) design verification testing, Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT) reliability testing, High Temperature Testing (HTT) high temperature test and other important tests. These tests can effectively guarantee the final performance and quality of SSDs. However, because these tests are quite complicated and require expensive advanced automated testing equipment, many domestic SSD manufacturers have not realized the automation of flash memory testing and solid-state hard disk finished product testing. Let's take a look today at the most advanced automated testing solutions for flash memory and finished solid state drives.

In terms of flash memory testing, traditional manual testing has some problems: low testing efficiency, wasting a lot of labor costs; limitations, low test quality, only testing flash memory read and write functions; low transparency, only testing software provided by flash memory manufacturers can be used. However, advanced flash memory automated testing equipment is very expensive, costing tens of millions, and foreign countries are not willing to sell it to domestic companies. Therefore, Jiahe Jinwei, a domestic high-end storage IC testing company, has been committed to developing its own flash memory automatic testing system and equipment. Finally, in 2017, Jiahe Jinwei launched the first domestic silver core No. 1 flash memory test equipment (F-T940). Yinxin No. 1 flash memory test equipment has obtained a number of national patents, which can automatically discharge, test, and receive materials, saving a lot of labor; the slot can be replaced, and can test flash memory of all processes; it has O/S Test, DC Test , AC Test, Leakage test, R/W Test, Read&Write Test and other tests. Yinxin No. 1 flash memory test equipment is the most advanced flash memory automatic test equipment in China, and its test quality and test efficiency are comparable to similar equipment in foreign flash memory packaging and testing factories. Silver Core No. 1 is currently in production. Jiahe Jinwei also launched a flash memory automation test solution for enterprise customers in the industry.

In terms of solid-state hard drive finished product testing, there is currently no solution for automated testing of solid-state hard drive finished products in China. The traditional solid-state hard disk finished product test in China greatly simplifies the solid-state hard disk testing process. Many manufacturers only conduct RDT on solid-state hard disk, which cannot guarantee the performance and quality of solid-state hard disk. Moreover, solid-state hard disk testing is completely manual and wastes a lot of labor costs. ADVANTEST is a Japanese company engaged in the development of semiconductor and its accessories test system, and mechatronics. It is the world's number one ATE manufacturer. The MTP3000 tested by Advantest supports multi-protocol and multi-interface, supports SATA3.0, M.2, PCIe, U.2, AIC card, etc., and enables various solid state drives to directly perform EVT/DVT without CPU intervention , RDT, etc. tests. Its advantages are: it supports multiple tests on the same platform, and the test quality is higher, which shortens the time from solid-state hard drive proofing to production, and also ensures the performance and quality of solid-state hard drives; supports various solid-state hard drives, and improves the line of solid-state hard drive testing. Up conversion rate; full automation improves the efficiency of SSD testing and reduces labor costs. Advantest MTP3000 is undoubtedly one of the world's leading automated testing solutions for finished solid state drives.

At present, the automation degree of domestic solid-state hard disk production needs to be improved. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. Only by changing the shotgun and realizing the upgrade of solid-state hard drive manufacturing can we increase the production capacity of solid-state hard drives and ensure the performance and quality of solid-state hard drives, thereby enhancing the trust of domestic consumers in domestic solid-state hard drives and improving domestic The core competitiveness of solid state drives.

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