Why Kingford

Assembly of printed circuit boards is one of the main services that our company provides.

Thanks to high-tech equipment, automated assembly lines with a total capacity of up to 160,000 components per hour, modern soldering equipment and materials, KingFordPCB allows you to carry out all types of PCB assembly, as well as the entire cycle of related work:

●urgent assembly of printed circuit boards;
●serial assembly of printed circuit boards;
●production of prototypes and pilot batches (from 1 product);
●cleaning of boards;
●separation of boards after installation;
●lead-free installation;
●tracing of printed circuit boards.

Installation is carried out at the highest professional level within a strictly agreed time frame, regardless of the complexity and volume of the order. The PCB assembly technology we use may vary depending on the purpose of the PCB and the customer's wishes.

Types of PCB mounting

Based on the density of the components on the board, as well as the seriality of the product, one of the types of installation is carried out:

● Automatic SMD - assembly - appropriate for medium and large orders.

SMD installation is carried out by us using automatic component installers), which allows us to install SMD components of various types with high accuracy and speed. To eliminate the possibility of defects associated with the application of solder paste, we use stencils.

● DIP pin - mounting .

To implement the DIP-mounting technology, we use modern digital soldering stations that accurately maintain the operating temperature and protect against static electricity.

Also, depending on the volume of the order, we carry out DIP-assembly of printed circuit boards manually, or using automatic element installers. For large batches, we use a selective soldering or wave soldering machine.

Our specialists work on imported equipment and use the most modern technologies and materials in their activities. We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with each of our clients; therefore we try to satisfy the needs of our clients as much as possible. We would also like to note that we undertake the manufacture of both prototypes and large batches.


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