Warranty Repair Service


Kingford providing a warranty repair service for the worldwide customers .The ability to cost effectively diagnose, pick up, repair and deliver a product is complex and costly.

Leveraging Kingford’s over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and logistics, you too can benefit from the economies of scale that allow us to deliver a high quality service to clients.

Following is an overview of functions we perform as part of our Warranty and Repair services.

PCB/PCBA/Turnkey Product Safety Recall repairs
Inbound technicians on call for first stage issue diagnosis
Highly trained technicians in all aspects of electronics service and repairs
Scalable work force for quick response in peak demand periods
Detailed tracking repair system to ensure quality outcomes every time
Industry leading systems for tracking of products at every step of the repair process

We are confident we can provide your business with a cost effective service that delivers quality outcomes every time.

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