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Speed PCB

High speed PCB crosstalk analysis and its minimization

Higher signal frequency, steeper edge, smaller printed circuit board size and higher wiring density make the influence of crosstalk in high speed PCB design significantly increase.

Signal reflux and cross division in high speed PCB

IC1 is the signal output end, IC2 is the signal input end (for the simplified PCB model, it is assumed that the receiving end contains the underlying resistance) and the third layer is the stratum.

High Speed PCB Signal Integrity Analysis and Design

High Speed PCB Signal Integrity Analysis and Design With the rapid innovation of integrated circuits and other related communication technologies, the frequency requirements for signal clocks that need to be equipped with various electronic devices co

High-frequency and high-speed PCB design

High-frequency and high-speed PCB design 1. After the PCB design is completed, how to choose the PCB board?The choice of PCB board must strike a balance between meeting the design requirements, mass production and cost. Design requirements contain both el

High speed PCB design based on Cadence

Generally, the parameters of PCB board layer, the distance between signal lines, the electrical characteristics of the driver end and the receiver end, and the terminating mode of signal lines all have certain influence on the crosstalk.

the transmission rate of high-speed PCB design wiring system increases steadily

PCB circuit board needs reasonable design and layout of components, in order to better play out the functional advantages of the circuit board.

Discussion on EMI Rules of high speed PCB Design

High-speed signal networks, such as clock signals, produce closed-loop results when multi-layer PCB lines are routed. Such closed-loop results will generate ring antennas and increase EMI radiation intensity.

Analysis of common problems and solutions in high speed PCB design

High speed digital circuit analysis generally only deals with multilayer PCB with complete plane layer. 2D field extraction analysis is used to consider only signal reflux in adjacent planes, and the hole is only treated as R-L-C of a lumped parameter.

Impedance matching in high speed PCB design

Characteristic impedance is related to PCB wire layer, PCB material (dielectric constant), wire width, distance between wire and plane and other factors, and has nothing to do with wire length.

The basic principle of DC power supply design in high speed PCB design

Power part and control part separate layout, power circuit is generally large voltage, large current, high power circuit, relatively large interference. And the control circuit is low voltage, if the control part to the power part, the control part is ver

PCB original | high-speed PCB design software cascade structure design proposal

Test purpose: As PCB may be used in sea or seaside areas with high salinity in the air, its function will be affected due to poor salinity resistance, and serious accidents will be caused.

Rule five Routing direction rules for high speed PCB design

In high speed PCB design, the circuit board characteristic impedance control and multi-load topology design directly determine the success or failure of the product.

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