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Design and simulation of PCB of ARM7 display system based on PROTEUS technology

Run Proteus ISIS 7 to enter the PCB design interface, and select required components according to the component library. The P0.0-P0.7 ports of lpc2138 are used as the output end of 8-bit data, and P0.8, P0.9 and P0.10 are used as the output end of contro

Comparative analysis of simulation software and PCB design software

The de facto industry standard in high speed plate design. It's awesome in every way. PCB Layout tool is absolutely first-class, a little familiar with no longer want to use other tools, wiring super cool. Simulation is also very cattle, have their own si

Avoid wiring analog and digital circuits simultaneously in mixed-signal designs Silk screen and PCB test guide

The power supply can be the source of most heat and noise problems in a PCB, so board design must take this into account from the start. Good circuit board design starts with good power supply layout.

Simulation of mixed signal PCB

The shortest and widest printed line permitted by the assembly process shall be used. For high frequency devices, the printed line of the power supply is equivalent to a small inductance, which will worsen the power supply noise and cause undesired coupli

SMT plant to teach you to distinguish simple solder net and red rubber net

Patch processing manufacturers will determine whether to make solder paste steel net or red rubber steel net based on the component design of PCB board. Generally, if there are many plug-ins, wave soldering is required, red rubber net process will be used

PCB circuit board surface treatment process simply said

Several parts of the circuit board are mainly: 1. Bare copper plate: 2. Gold plate: 3. Spray tin circuit board: 4. OSP process board is also called organic welding film in SMT factory.

Optical module PCB and optical device simulation overview

It should be noted that the simulation design of optical devices to photoelectric conversion (EO\OE), how to accurately reproduce this conversion process in simulation, requires some experience accumulation.

Hefei simple PCB design wiring

PCB designers should minimize the number of bypass capacitors, which can increase current loss. Hefei simple PCB design wiring

25 simple high speed PCB design tips

Designing high-speed systems requires not only high-speed components, but also genius and careful design.

Simple double-sided PCB board copying method

The technical realization process of PCB copying board is simple. Firstly, the circuit board of the copying board shall be scanned, the location of components shall be recorded, the components shall be removed and made into material list, and the material

Explain the simple method of cleaning PCB for you. Collect it quickly

PCB design factory explains that clean PCB is important for reliability. The printed circuit board may sometimes accumulate dust or other contaminants and need to be cleaned.

Switching Power Supply Output Filter for PCB Design: Design and Simulation

Circuit board assembly and circuit board manufacturer explain switching power supply output filter of circuit board design: design and simulation

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