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RF circuit

RF circuit PCB design processing skills

RF circuit PCB design processing skillsSince the radio frequency (RF) circuit is a distributed parameter circuit, it is easy to produce skin effect and coupling effect in the actual work of the circuit, so in the actual PCB design, it will be found that t

How to review RF circuit design PCB

The RF part is grounded by multi-point grounding. The copper gap of RF link is usually 30mil to 40mil. Connect ground holes on both sides with the same spacing as possible. Make a grounding hole as close as possible to the grounding pad of the ground capa

RF circuit and digital circuit do in the same block PCB solution

The rapid development of RF integrated circuits for wireless digital audio and video data transmission systems, wireless remote control, telemetry systems, wireless data acquisition systems, wireless networks and wireless security systems to solve the bot

Rf circuit PCB design

According to experience, the effect of RF circuit not only depends on the performance of the RF circuit board itself, but also depends on the interaction with the CPU processing board.

Rf circuit board machining

The flow rate of the glass discharge tube should be greater than the flow capacity of the lightning protection circuit design.

13 Tips on Power design for RF circuits

A large area of the power layer can make wiring easy, but this structure often leads to deterioration of system performance. Connecting all the power leads together on a large plane cannot avoid noise transmission between pins.

Several characteristics of microwave RF circuit board design

In concept, wireless transmitter and receiver can be divided into two parts: fundamental frequency and radio frequency. Includes the frequency scale of the input signal of the transmitter and the frequency scale of the output signal of the receiver.

Notes for RF circuit power supply design

Having a "noise-free" power supply is essential to optimizing system performance, although there are other factors that can degrade system performance in the actual design.

Matters needing attention for component packaging in RF circuit

RF designs must be thoroughly and carefully planned at the beginning of the design process, with a thorough and continuous evaluation of progress at each design step.

Rf circuit PCB design skills

The key of RF circuit PCB design is how to reduce circuit radiation and improve anti-interference ability, but in the actual layout and routing of some problems are in conflict with each other.

Skills required for RF circuit board engineers

In the mobile phone terminal, the most important core is the RF circuit board and baseband circuit board. Rf circuit board responsible for RF transceiver, frequency synthesis, power amplification; Baseband circuit boards are responsible for signal process

Explore the secret of RF circuit PCB design

Understand PCB design, PCB assembly and PCB layout in PCB related industries, and Explore the secret of RF circuit PCB design

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