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PCB size

Cause analysis and improvement of PCB size expansion and shrinkage

The severe shrinkage of PCB parts after the transfer of the outer pattern caused by the poor dimensional stability of PCB substrates in individual batches can only be detected by the measurement of the outer pattern production first plate or during the sh

Analysis of reasons and countermeasures for PCB size expansion and shrinkage

By analyzing the causes of PCB size increase and contraction, we can find out the available monitoring and improvement methods.

Cause of PCB size expansion and shrinkage and solution

The PCB processing process from the inner line pattern transfer of PCB substrate to the outer line pattern transfer by pressing several times will cause different growth and contraction of the warp and weft of the jointed board.

Circuit board design: PCB size and shape requirements

With the 3D capabilities of the layout tool, designers can interactively handle their component placement in real time and correct all clearance errors in the design's mechanical features.

The Cause of PCB Size Shrinkage and Its Countermeasures

This article is about the reason and analysis of PCB size expansion and contraction in PCB processing

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